Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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John Mctaggart

7 months ago

Great place to meet up with friends

phil lowther

1 year ago

DJ can't play a song for more than 30seconds . Keeps taking , total waste of space , a playlist would be better

Holly Rhian Wilkinson

1 year ago

Went in one night with some friends a few years ago, went out for a cigarette and as I made my way back in, I stumbled because I lose my balance easily and then the bouncers said I was drunk. I wasn’t. I lot my balance but they wouldn’t believe me. What a bunch of knobs.

michael brown

2 years ago

Beer is a few pence short of £4 a pint but they play a lot of music from the 70s/80s which I prefer

Dan M

8 years ago

Try yo go in on saturday 1st aug 15 and got got got stopped by a bouncer where he pulled me back for wearing trainers i twisted my ankle 4 lads went in before me wearing trainers. Complaint to the manager of the club on night though facebook and got told.just leave it very rude and yet still waiting for head office to get back to me after 2 weeks as i was walking away all the bouncers were laughing there was no visable dress code on the door or wall. I got told by other bouncers on the night that if your face does not fit you would not be allowed in now i know ride. Do not go here on a night out bouncer are horrible and manager is rude and horrible beCAREFUL if you do.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623