Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Justice 2003

7 months ago

Amazing place, the nightlife on Saturday is incredible, one of the best clubs I’ve been too ever. Although £20 for 4 after shocks and 1 vk is a bit expensive

Lewis Adamson

1 year ago

Absolutely shocking behaviour by the the bar staff last night. The biggish blonde bar woman told the member of staff who was serving me to overcharge. When I was asked to pay the barman wouldn’t show me the card machine and the amount I was due to pay. I had to ask to see how much I was being charged. When I was finally shown the amount I questioned the price which had come to £18.50 for the one drink and three shots. I asked if this was right and the barman changed then amount back to £12.50. They had attempted to overcharge me by £6. Watch out for what they’re charging you when you’re in there especially around that blonde bar woman. Shocking service and behaviour from the staff in the venue.

Alex Heslop

1 year ago

Good pub, friendly staff!, especially Liam behind the bar..!

Rugby League History

1 year ago

I went here for the first time around two weeks ago. The pub was poorly lit inside, it was very dark towards the back and some of the patrons were sat in semi-darkness. The pub smelt a bit like dettol or bleach. There was no telly's on but they had a jukebox. A John Smith's was £2.50 which is not too bad.

michael brown

1 year ago

Beer has gone up 30p in the space of a week, the pub next door put there beer up by 5p, why pay upto £4,50 a pint of John Smiths when it's only £2.25 a pint in what was known as the Garrick and they're open till about the same time

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623