We are very pleased to re-introduce ‘The Tannin Level’. This was a business we looked at some 10 years ago when we thought the opportunity was there to turn this into a brilliant restaurant.

We feel that it is now blossoming into its full potential. Some 30 years ago, this was one of Harrogate’s premier restaurants and we hope that we have now gone some way to restoring its former glory.

Comments are regularly heard from guests that this is the first time that they have been back in The Tannin Level for many years, in some cases over ten and they are delighted to be back. The extended restaurant area to the rear of the Tannin Level has given it a depth and warmth of character, sadly lacking in more modern eateries.

The restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday, for lunch and dinner. Reservations are highly recommended.

There are many reasons for you to come and try The Tannin Level... here are just a few:
Classic Basement Bistro
Early Bird Discount - Tues - Sat
Comprehensive Wine List at Realistic Prices
Light Lunches for Business & Shopping
Quality British food at Bistro Prices