Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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GIN HAS BEEN ENJOYED IN ENGLAND FOR CENTURIES AND IS UNDERGOING A REVIVAL UNLIKE ANY OTHER. We are blessed with an abundance of gins now available across the globe and a spirit-making tradition Britain can be proud of. At Banyan we believe the perfect way to enjoy a good gin is served long, over ice, with its perfect partner of herbs, spices and fruits to enrich and bring out the depths of flavour hidden within each gin.


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Roshan Radhakrishnan

4 months ago

Were group of 6 friends , had great time.. great atmosphere... Very good crowd .. excellent service and food.. we ordered chicken kebab wrap, chicken burger and Thai chicken curry . And some cocktails.. worth your time and money.. highly recommended!!

Jill Moran

5 months ago

Went in for a drink on our first night in music, good atmosphere..

Bekka Jones

9 months ago

Visited here with a group of work colleagues for someone's leaving do. She booked online and then sent the link to "pre-order" our food if we wished. I believe 2 or 3 of us pre-ordered. Upon arrival, I met some of my team, and tried to order from the QR code on the table. When I tried to go to my basket and pay, it kept saying error occurred, so had to go to the bar which was fine enough. Tried again a bit later, and didn't work again, so went to the bar. I was the only person waiting as the man tending the bar must have been washing glasses and couldn't see me. I was standing there for 2 minutes as the only person at the bar, and two other members of staff were at the kitchen window/till area and saw me stood there, and didn't let the bartender know someone was waiting. He finally popped onto the bar with hands full of glasses to put away which is fine of course, but he didn't acknowledge me, give eye contact or say "I'll be right with you", and I was stood directly in front of where he was putting the glasses so he knew I was there, and only once he put the glasses away did he give me ANY sort of acknowledgement. Then, the food shambles. Our food pre-order was confirmed by the head of the group at 5pm, so when everyone else food turns up but ours, we're confused. Apparently the morning manager didn't let the evening manager know of the pre-order. There was apologies from the staff which was appreciated, but nothing was offered to us as an apology - we had to ask for olives and pitta (which did end up being free, thankfully) to tide us who pre-ordered over as the rest of them sat eating. After a lot of back and forth between us and the staff over 3 missing dishes, twenty nine minutes after the first lot of food was brought out, our pre-orders came, after everyone else had eaten. I added onto my pre-order notes that my mac and cheese come without the crumb, but it came with it on. No mega biggie, just wish they'd checked the actual pre-order before telling the kitchen to make our food as I didn't enjoy as much because of the texture. The flavour of mac and cheese was okay, though, if a bit bland. Very cheesy but not much flavour. It was a decent portion. I ordered chips on the side which I couldn't finish (£4.25 for an average basket of chips is a bit steep too in my opinion, I'd have paid £3.50 maximum for that portion size if I knew and probably skipped on them). We finished our food and very slowly but surely the plates started to be cleared. As the night grew on, we condensed from two tables to one as people started to leave, but the rest of us didn't have space for our bags/coats in the booth, so we left them at our the higher booth some of us occupied previously. One of the waitresses came over and was starting her closing cleans, and attempted to clean the table with our belongings on, which then made us feel like we had to clear up and go, so that's what we did, and it was only around 9:30. It wasn't especially busy, and cleaning the one table would have only taken her 2 minutes at the end of the night. I work in a shop and cafe and when I'm clearing tables or starting to close down, I avoid where the customers are sat so as to not make them feel rushed. Overall, an unpleasant experience and I honestly don't think I'll return, even in a smaller group or just for drinks. Completely been put off by the service, the lack of organisation, the ignorance of the staff, the prices and the subtle push for us to leave. What should have been a pleasant leaving do quickly turned into a frustrating experience.

Ines dCueto

1 year ago

Had a lovely time having lunch here - though I had to wait 40 minutes for it to arrive. The interior decoration is great: fun and spacious. It is also pet friendly which is good for those who have pets. Highly recommend the Korean burger.

Danielle Walker

2 years ago

We came for cocktails for a hen party. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Was able to set up a tab and a limit. Wide variety of drinks available. We had the 2 for 1 cocktails and the Friday fizz deals. Nice atmosphere. Highly recommend for a starting bar

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623