Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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A good Free House pub down a backstreet. always have three ales on keg, generally from Dartmoor Brewery. Pool Table & Dartboard, SKY + BT. The ale is well kept.


Family friendlyReal aleWiFi freeDartboardPool tableFootballTerrestrial TVCask Marque

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Sharon Brock-Spanton

5 months ago

A great little pub with good customer service and a good selection of both ales and largers and spirits

polly loveu

10 months ago

Rude bar staffs with bad attitude. Instead of asking for my ID, they accused me for not having one and told me to leave while pointing a finger at me. No one was at the door checking for ID, I hadn't brought a drink yet so no one was asking for my ID. I got a bit annoyed but still showed them my ID after their accusation. They said i got a bad attitude and accused me for swearing at them, I didn't even say anything and I got my friends beside me witnessing the whole ordeal. It is not difficult to ask for my id in the first place, and not accusing me for not having one before asking. It makes the place feel unwelcoming. My friends and I left shortly afterwards because it killed the vibe, and they said they will never support this place ever again. I suggest the owner to provide training to staffs for better communication and logical thinking process. It could have been a nice experience for everyone if the staff could handle the situation better in the first place. Edit: This the edit after the owner’s reply. I have been many pubs, bars or night clubs from small local to high-end, within the UK or overseas. I never had any issue with being IDed, they asked and I provided as instructed. I had great time in all the pubs, bar or nightclub I have been to. So don’t talk to me like I haven’t been in a pub before, don’t make another baseless assumption. The problem is not that I got IDed, Its that the poor communication and handling from your staffs. Being IDed is not big deal, but your staff literally pointed a finger in my face and accused me for not having one. Your staffs were being rude. Again with another accusation to me, you said I “deliberately ignored” your staff asked for my ID 3 times. I honestly do not remember your staff asked me that question and I do not hear that question. If this the the best quality of communication your bar stuff can provide, then the bar is literally on the floor. Have you taken the account that the noises in the pub or someone having hearing problem might not be able to hear the question the first few times. Addition training on communication and biases are clearly needed. But instead of improving your business and the professionalism of your staffs, you just like to shift all the blame to customers. It is true that no staff member should be disrespected by customers, when they are trying to do their job. But your staffs was being rude to me. Is it very difficult to say “Can I see you ID?” once you get my attention, instead of saying” You don’t have an ID, you need to leave.” While pointing a finger at me. Hearing such rude baseless accusation at first, of course I would feel annoyed. Do you just expect customer should take disrespect from our staffs? Can I not feel annoyed that I was treated rudely? Are you invaliding my feelings? Not trying to be rude, but don’t pop off at me when your bar staffs screwed up in communicating effectively. Just because you say you are a small friendly pub, doesn’t mean that you are actually friendly. And from your replies to all the one star reviews, it seems that you cannot handle criticism very well. Perhaps this the aspect that you can improve on, Owner. With your attitude, you are just living in your delusional “friendly” pub that you claimed to be.

Duf Arshfart

10 months ago

My friend who was Asian experienced racist staff and we will not be coming back again. My friend was asked for ID which she provided. Yet the bar staff refused to serve her and then continued to say she was swearing and being rude which did not happen as I was stood next to the whole ordeal. Myself and a few friends had already bought a drink yet we all put our drinks down and walked out the pub after witnessing what we just saw. we consoled our friend who was physically upset and we will never come back again. And I will be warning others to avoid this pub.

Alexandra Rowe

10 months ago

It is such a shame. I used to always enjoy coming here. Used to get on and have a laugh with the staff and sing karaoke. However I came in last night which was my suggestion as I used to love this pub! with a small group of friends. We all bought a drink, my friend who is Asian was the only one asked for id, which is absolutely fine. However when she presented her Id, she was accused of having an attitude which she did not have. This literally came as a shock to us. She doesn't have an attitude. accused of swearing which she didn't do. She left the pub crying and didn't deserve this unfair treatment. We all hugged her and reassured her that not everyone is this cruel.

Mike Carey

2 years ago

Nice pub near enough to the barbican and city centre but a bit quieter so a good place to chill with an IPA beer for me and nice red wine for the wife at a cost of..... wait for it.... £6.70. Where earlier I'd been paying £11 - 12 for the same in the 'trendier' bars. They have a pool table and a dart board too, so it's a proper pub. Well recommended!

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623