Sun Tavern

66 Long Acre, Westminster, London, WC2E 9JD

In the heart of Covent Garden, The Sun Tavern provides a traditional pub atmosphere with a contemporary, vibrant twist. Bustling with a lively crowd, it’s the perfect place for a cheeky mid-day bevy, post work do or lazy day of indulging in pub fare.

The Sun Tavern offers a fantastic upstairs bar which is also available for hire. Many customers have enjoyed a lively night here! On the flip side, the quieter times sees the upstairs bar for those wanting a little ‘escape’, relaxing by the window, overlooking sprightly Long Acre.

During the opening times of the kitchen, we offer table service in the upstairs bar. Weekends bring in many tourists; eating, drinking and relaxing and enjoying the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Historical facts about Covent Garden are endless, and it would be a shame not to share them with our visitors. Throughout The Sun Tavern, plaques are displayed with facts about the area, some of which are very quirky! Customers are often seen gathering around these plaques, almost like they are in a gallery. We see them discussing what they’ve read with their friends, passing fellow customers and our staff. This is all part of the atmosphere at The Sun Tavern, a place not to come just to eat and drink, but a place to feel welcome.