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Queens Arms

Cowden Pound, Edenbridge, TN8 5NP

This wonderful unspoilt pub has thankfully been saved from the threat of closure in 2014 following the long-serving landlady moving into a care home and her subsequent passing away, and after it being run by a band of locals for nearly 5 years

A rare rural time-warp, in the same family hands since 1913, with the former landlady, Elsie Maynard, taking over in 1973. It was built in 1841 by William Longley of Pound House, the name commemorating the Queen’s Royal West Kent Regiment.

The pub has one of the last remaining totally unspoilt rural public bars (on the right) dating from the Victorian era and which, apart from the paintwork, has been almost untouched since the end of the nineteenth century. The front door leads to a tiny lobby with doors to the left and right and another in front of you that leads to the pub's private quarters. On the right is a door with the figure '1' on it leading to the stark public bar having the original panelled (part herringbone) counter with decorative brackets all along it. The black mastic around the base of the bar counter is the position of the spittoon trough that ran along it originally. On top is a set of three hand pumps with the date of 1948 on them that can still dispense exactly half a pint of beer with one pull. There is simple shelving for a bar-back, basic bare benches attached to the dado panelling around the window recess and a two-sided bench at the rear of this small room. The brick fireplace looks as though it may have been changed around 1953.