Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623

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Susan Appleby

4 months ago

Absolutely disgusted with the staff, we paid 6.00 for entry and then sat and watched at least 12 people entry without paying and when I spoke to the young girl at the front door I got nothing but attitude and when a spoke to security all he said was they were friends!! Ask to speak to the manage but seemingly they are to busy for the common people to add the door man with long beard was so unhelpful and said he was in charge when to boss wasn’t about, bit mistake!!!

Luke Watt

4 months ago

This has got to be the worst nightclub in Carlisle. Saturday night and it’s empty. Not to add that mr Nordic (guy with the beard) acts like a (power hungry send anyone out that does not subscribe to his opinion on things)!!! Personally been refused entrance then let in then (chucked out for having too much of a good time)… police said they already know of the heavy handed approach from (mr i have a big beard and his ginger minion)! Police said we see you are sober enough to enter but “we can not override the Nordic breasted man’s opinion” im sat outside the nightclub, sober as a judge with mr beard telling me to “step back” 🙃

Nathan Lowrey

6 months ago

Bouncer thought I had a few I've got a learning disability they should have learnt that whilst on their course so next time I deserve a free pint

Matthew Tracey

7 months ago

Atmosphere is just like a normal bar. However they didn't care about the drinks we ordered. No alternative was offered when there was no diet coke available. Awful service from indifferent staff

Isabelle Robinson

1 year ago

Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere and door staff who ensure the safety of their customers and staff. Drinks prices are amazing and there is a good range of cocktails. Would recommend to anyone !

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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623
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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623

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