Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623

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Robert Urbancok

2 months ago

We came from Slovakia to visit our daughter and enjoy Carlisle and Cumbria. At Brewdog we found a great relaxed atmosphere, excellent beer and tasty pizza. We have to come back sometime and try more types of beers. Nice pub.

Andy Corcoran

3 months ago

Great pizza!!! They didn't have any rocket salad left , but it had been busy. Adding to my list as an option for decent food and beer.

James Taylor

4 months ago

You'd not think of Carlisle as a haven for Craft beer but this Brewdog is fantastic. The pricing is great compared to most Brewdog bars and beer prices are comparable to the Wetherspoons next door. The staff are really friendly and there's even free pool, what more could you want?

Michelle Hodgson

10 months ago

Great bar, lovely atmosphere. Did the £1 beer school booked online as the beers aren’t really my thing but the other half likes them, and it was nice for me to try a little bit. Friendly and attentive staff and table service was brilliant. Didn’t get a picture of his pizza but he informs me it was as good as my beautiful cheeseboard. Definitely wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

Jason Brimelow

11 months ago

Great brewdog to visit, one of the best I would say. Pizza menu looks good and a great ambiance for a few beers right in the centre of Carlisle...so much less expensive than brewdog cheltenham too! Fad a great afternoon here with family when up in Carlisle..Will be back for food next time

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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623
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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623