Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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This ninetieth century, Grade II listed chapel has been converted into a stylish cinema which contains many of its original chapel features, boasting beautifully exposed brick work and ceiling beams. Following a full renovation in 2015, this venue includes two state-of-the-art screening rooms, a fully licensed bar and outdoor deck area, the perfect reception space for a function.


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Ella Michalski

4 months ago

Incredible staff, a warm welcome on arrival. The seating was spacious and comfortable, the design allows for two to sit together comfortably on a sofa with cushions. Food and drinks can be ordered at the bar or brought directly to where you are seated in the cinema. A relatively small car park but was nice and empty when we arrived (for a morning showing). The carrot cake and mint tea was 10/10.

Terry Britcliffe

6 months ago

First time(9/12/23) enjoyed the experience. Did not order food you can order in the cinema and they bring the food to you. lots of leg room, seats comfy. Will go again Slightly more expensive them other cinema's . Only thing is when you book on line the don't tell you there is a booking fee until check out, nice if they say when looking at the prices.

Andrew Monk

6 months ago

Very nice cinema. Small auditoriums with lots of space between large comfy seats. Enough space between rows to get to your seat without disturbing others. Very nice bar and light food. With chair side service. It is expensive, but you get value for your money. The car park is tiny, so park and ride or the tower multi storey are the best bet. Very helpful staff.

Julen Alfonso

10 months ago

It was my first time at this cinema, and I was excited to give it a try since they offered food service. They had a wide variety of food options, but unfortunately, after placing our order and taking our seats, we realized that the tables were quite small and couldn't hold all our food. Interestingly, we even asked if we could use the armrest as a table extension, and the staff seemed surprised, as if no one had ever made that request before. This situation was quite uncomfortable, as shown in the video—I had to balance my pizza on my lap, risking getting it dirty. The food was decent, but not outstanding. I wouldn't order food in that manner again. Additionally, there was limited space to put aside the tray once we finished eating. I wouldn't recommend ordering food the way we did; the table can barely accommodate a single glass. If you found this review helpful, please consider clicking the like button.

Caroline Thomas

10 months ago

First time ever in an Everyman cinema and was looking forward to trying it. We managed to get a parking space which was awesome because parking in Winchester is tricky. We got there early because we didn't know the place. You actually can't go into the cinema room until 10m before the advertised starting time. Which is fine, they were cleaning between screenings. The halls were pretty poor though with lots of mainly popcorn on the floor. Half the front of the bar was stacked with empty trays and plates from cinema rooms so aesthetic was not great for getting a drink. Ordered some salty popcorn that was really salty and some pieces were partially soggy with brown extra salty and not pleasant taste. I actually ditched that and bought some sweet which was better. When we went into the cinema there was clearly still stuff on the floor so cleaning is not good enough. We were in the fixed seats at the front rather than sofas as they were fully booked when we got our tickets. The chair behind mine was completely broken (see photo) and my seat, the base of it, sloped down on a pitched floor so was you were falling out of your seat. We quickly worked out that this wasn't the same for my husband's seat, that had a flat base so we asked about moving and got 2 different seats in the same row. They were fine. The chairs were very low and pretty tight/small, low backs too. Certainly not more comfortable than a regular cinema seat. I wouldn't book one of those again but would try the sofas maybe. The little table between you is high up and above your shared arm rest. It's only a small table and takes 2 drinks, not sure how those dining coped or where they put their stuff. There was a lot of leg room though with plenty of room to walk between rows. My husband had a cocktail but did not rate it and said it was very unbalanced and sour. It was a Paloma. The only other thing I would mention that was odd, was the person who introduced the film (nice touch), spoke about it with authority and told us what a treat we were in for.... And then told us she hadn't actually seen it??! It was Barbie and it's been out a few weeks. I found this rather amusing. Anyway, overall like the idea of a boutiquey smaller cinema that serves food and drinks but your seats have to be decent, your cleaning has to be better and if the popcorn is not nice and drinks aren't good I'm going to struggle to find reasons to come back. Maybe people who know these cinemas better have an idea if it's better during the week or used to be better before things started to show wear and tear. The service was friendly and helpful so that was a positive. Screen and sound were good so no issues there.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623