Pubs & bars within 2 miles of Smethwick Galton Bridge Station

National Rail Smethwick Galton Bridge
Galton Bridge, Warley, B66 1HU
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  • Vine Inn

    0.5 miles
    152 Roebuck Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 6RD

    20/02/2014 Expensive!
    • 3.0
    — Be warned - this place is very expensive. Nice enough people and a decent looking pub, but for the price, you would expect a little less meanness on such things as ice. OK place, if I was flush and happy to empty my wallet, for no reason. Great food, though.
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    20/02/2014 Vodka & Tonic
    • 2.0
    — Very pricey and bizarrely shuts at 2.30
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  • Cricketers Arms

    0.6 miles
    43 Lower Trinity Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 6EA
    19/11/2013 Carling
    • 4.0
    — under new managment good friendly staff
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    08/11/2013 Not impressed
    • 1.0
    — Went here for some food, was spoken to like I was a child by the old witch behind the bar, land lady I'm assuming, I had asked for the mushrooms to be taken out and replaced with extra onion rings, but I got told you get what's on the menu and we can't alter anything. The man behind the bar had no manners and spoke to his staff like they where non existent and shouted at them in front of customers. We waited about 1 hour for food, which is good value for money but the wait is too long for a pub. We asked for the volume to be turned up on the TV to watch the 5.30 evening football and was told no as it's a restaurant and quiet area. The toilets seem like they have never been cleaned, the handrier did Not work and majority of the customers would just walk out without washing hands. Will not be going back.
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    03/08/2013 Absolutely disgusting service
    • 2.0
    — Visited the Cricketers on Saturday 3/08/13. Customer service was non existent from the land lady. First impression was small food area but busy. As there was 6 of us in our group we found 2 tables and pulled them together. Abruptly spoken to we were told by the land lady that we were not allowed to move the furniture, we quickly apologised and she moved the table back to the original position which by the way wasn't far from where we moved it. We looked through the menu which looks plain but very competitively priced, we chose our food and went to the bar to order. My husband stood at the bar where the land lady asked him if he was ordering food which he replied yes and she walked off to clean a table. She then returned and took the food order, I asked for a broken egg on the mixed grill and was told very rudely it will come how it comes we are only a small pub. The land lady lacks any form of customer service and speaks to customers like they are children.After a short deliberation we cancelled our orders and left the premises. With the attitude of the land lady I'm surprised they have any customers. Her attitude seemed to be its my pub and I will speak to you how I like. It seemed the regulars are prepared to be spoken to in this manner then more fool them. The land lord is very pleasant and seemed embarrassed by his wife/partner as did the other staff there.
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  • Smethwick Conservative Club

    0.8 miles
    236 High Street, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 3NL
    Smethwick Conservative Club

    Smethwick Conservative Club in Smethwick has a function room that can be booked. The pub has a dart board, it has a pool table. Smethwick Conservative Club holds quiz nights. The pub shows football on TV, it has terrestrial TV.

  • Hollybush

    0.9 miles
    The Uplands, Smethwick, West Midlands, B67 6BL

    Hollybush in Smethwick has an outside area.

  • Queens Head

    1.1 miles
    Londonderry Lane, Smethwick, West Midlands, B67 7EW
    Queens Head

    Queens Head in Smethwick has a car park. The pub has a function room that can be booked, it has a dart board. Queens Head has a pool table. The pub has a big screen, it shows football on TV. Queens Head has terrestrial TV.

1 - 20 of 97 Results
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