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Menabrea 0623

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Boasting two bars, a mezzanine balcony seating area and a great atmosphere, The Worlds End also offers a rich and enthralling history, including a list of famous patrons including Charles Dickens and many famous Londoners.

Reminders of this rich history can be seen all around the WEC, with the central area being a reflection of the open marketplace that once inhabited the exact location that the main bar can be found today.

Pub reviews


Roshanlal R

6 months ago

Went there with my friends and you'd immediately notice how big this pub is! They play great rock music and are cozy inside during winters. The staff is great and the security was the politest I've met and even offered to keep an eye on our things when we had to move for a bit. Definitely would recommend and a potential favourite pub of mine. Thank you staff and security for a great service!


6 months ago

Absolutely astronomical prices. I wish I could say I enjoyed this staple of Camden. I'd understand if the place was actually nice, or had some sort of unique vibe, but this is just another rundown, old beer smelling English pub. The only difference between this and those gritty neighbourhood pubs, is here they play deafeningly loud heavy metal and it's in Camden. £7 for 25ml of cheap rail gin. And even then, I had to tell the bartender to actually fill the jigger, instead of halfway like I saw. His response was, "Well, we never fill it all the way." Essentially, you're telling me, "We love fraud." I'm guessing that is on the direction of the management and not his personal choice. If your single jiggers are standard 25ml English measures which I would assume as you are a bar in England, then yes, actually, you must fill it to the top. Or else you're short pouring. It's ridiculous that 25ml is the standard in the UK as it is (we are used to US ounces which are 30ml -- and 35ml in Scotland), but to short on that?! What am I getting then? 20ml? For £7! It's, as the boomers would say, highway robbery. I then ordered one double vodka and soda and it came to £17!!! I can get sophisticated cocktails at fancy bars in Soho or Shoreditch for less than that. Why anybody would come here is beyond me. To top it off, I asked for a slice of lemon or lime and was told they have to charge for that... because they only have one lime. Yes, one lime for that whole night's service. What is going on? I get that things are more expensive these days, but this is borderline insane. I don't even mind the loud rock music, as allegedly, it is a music bar, but it sure didn't feel like it. It felt like a straight-up tourist trap. Nothing more. I can't say I hated it, as the bartenders were pretty cool guys, but I've been to most of the pubs in the area at one time or another and this really has to be the most overpriced, overrated one. If it was reasonably priced, I would say it's a pretty okay place.

kirsty forsyth

7 months ago

Didn't eat food but great atmosphere, toilets could do with a good sort out, lack of toilet paper, doors that didn't lock or broken. Great music though 👌

Jim Schnyder

8 months ago

What more can you say? World's largest pub did not disappoint. Great music, atmosphere and beer. Check it out!!

Shenny Penny

9 months ago

Stopped here for a few drinks, staff were friendly. It’s got the grungy feel, the drinks are on the pricier side. The menu looks interesting too, we didn’t try their food.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623