Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Sit and drink your favourite cocktails in a relaxed, comfortable environment incorporating a classic cocktail lounge atmosphere with a modern design twist.

Expect great evenings of live music and classic cocktails plus a few new Terrace specialities.

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George Dixon

6 months ago

Been coming to Whitez for years now. Its never been an issue to put the commentary on the football games, considering its a sports bar. Tonight, the self proclaimed new staff refused to switch off the most depressing playlist I've ever heard so me and 4 friends could watch the league Cup quarter final. Took my business elsewhere. There was about 7 people in the place, 4 of which were my little group. Pathetic policy. Don't be a sports bar if your gonna play trashy music and be funny with football fans who want to watch the game.

Charlotte Collins

6 months ago

A group of 10 of us were waiting in the queue to go upstairs. One of the girls was feeling unwell so left the queue briefly to go and get a glass of water from the bar. When she returned the bouncer told her she had to go to the back of the queue, we explained the situation and that we couldn’t not leave our friend on her own. He became very rude and aggressive, I’m not sure what kind of power trip he was on but he took no issue with the multiple people behind us who had skipped the queue. We asked to speak to the female manager who was also very rude, sarcastic and completely uninterested in what we had to say. This put a dampener on our night, there was no need for this behaviour, we were not causing any trouble and had not tried to cut the queue. Bouncer seems to have a chip on shoulder, good customer service does not exist at Whitez. I can safely say we will not be returning.


6 months ago

There were 10 of us waiting to go upstairs. We waited in the queue and saw multiple people cut in the queue. While we were waiting one of our friends wasn't feeling well so popped to get a glass of water while the rest of us waited in the queue. When our friend came back with the water he refused to let us up and said that she had to go to the back of the queue by herself when she was feeling unwell. We tried to explain the situation and he got aggressive at one point even physically pulling my friend out the line. I found him to be aggressive and sexist as he said nothing to the guys behind us who pushed in. Beware of the man in the picture. He obviously lets the power get to his head and I will be reporting this formally. Usually I empathize with bouncers as they do have a hard job but we spoke to the guys on the front door and even they agreed it was unacceptable to leave a girl who was not feeling well by herself. He was unnecessarily mean and got aggressive very easily!

Shirley Harries

9 months ago

We didn't have food .. we visited the Garage to see Sound and Vision .. a David Bowie Tribute band .. what a fantastic night ..they were amazing

Keri Beal

1 year ago

Good place to play pool, tables are decent, cues aren’t great but that’s to be expected - I bet they take a hammering! Pool is reasonably priced, good selection of beers that taste good - very strong on the beer prices though

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623