Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Emily Gaspar

8 months ago

Firstly, the waiting time for food was ridiculously long (it took an hour from ordering). I had an hour long booking and mentioned when booking that we wanted food, so would have preferred if someone had dropped me a message to give us a heads up about the expected times for food because I can't imagine this was a one-off rush. Simple things like fish fingers were unavailable, despite it being lunchtime (I'd understand more if they'd run out later in the day). 'GFO' marked on a couple of places on the menu - meaning gluten free option available, I think - but the fries are not gluten free because they are cooked in the same oil as items containing gluten. 'Gluten free' is a protected term to keep people with coeliac disease or allergies safe! I asked to switch the fries for salad, expecting I might get some tomato or cucumber, but instead I just got a plate loaded with baby leaf salad and a burger, which cost me £12.95. I felt a bit ripped off when everyone else at the table paid less for twice as much food. The member of staff I spoke to was very snappy with me, too - I understand they were busy and I might sometimes ask a lot of questions (I don't want to get sick from being cross-contaminated), and I'm also autistic so I probably come across a little awkward at times, but I still deserve to be treated with some respect as I don't feel I was rude to them. Overall I was embarrassed to have suggested going there as it was meant for a lunch with colleagues but we ended up being there half the afternoon. The building itself is nice, views are great and it seems fairly clean, so I give it two stars instead of just one, but it's not a place I'd recommend after my experience there.

Amy Palframan

9 months ago

Great for a quiz night, and they have tons of specials. Quiz night cost £5 and a table gets a free Margherita pizza. You can get one drink for £8 or two drinks for £12 but they have to be two of the same, so great to go with friends to mix the types of drinks around. On busy nights, I wasn't a fan of the service. Also, food and drink is ordered from the bar, which means their is a super long line all evening. It's really fun but not the best restaurant in Leeds.


10 months ago

Gluten free / coeliacs beware... Went there for lunch and ordered gluten free sandwiches + chips combo. Double checked the bread and chips are gluten free when we paid... Waited 45 minutes for the food for them to tell us it's not actually gluten free because the chips are fried in gluten oil! Completely wasted lunchtime. Nice place otherwise just very disappointing service.

Luke H

11 months ago

Haven't been here for a while and now I remember why. Don't ever order food here if you're hungry. The food is alright but you'll be waiting an age for it. They're also very stingy with the steak in the steak sandwich and it was cold when it arrived. Went on a fairly quiet weekday at around 2 and the food (two sandwiches) took over an hour to arrive. I also don't think I've ever had a well poured pint here. The only good thing about this place is the beer garden which gets way too busy on a sunny day anyway.

Babab Studio

1 year ago

I deducted one star because the pizza took us forever! We were told to wait 45 mins when we ordered but we waited a lot longer. Definitely gorgeous scenery but seatings outside were cold to the marrow. It was filled with people but there’s enough seats for everyone! Excluding the waiting time, I actually really enjoyed the pizza!

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623