Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623

Aurora Rays

Happening on 08/03/2024

Village Inn, Birmingham, B13

International Women's Day

Aurora Rays is a singer, songwriter, pianist inspired by music in all its forms and Head of Vocals and Owner of U-niverse (UK).
She is based in the UK and she holds a jazz master degree with Distinction.
In 2022 she obtained the Global Talent Visa (UK) and she has been nominated as for “Top 50 Artists-Worldwide” and “Best Pop Act” at "Show4Me Music Awards 2022”.
Her debut album, released with Iola music UK and Tank of Music in 2021, has been reviewed by Rockit magazine as "An amazing debut album which needs to be listened to”.
Recent performances highlights include: Opera House - Doha (Qatar), Pizza Express, Italy’s got talent, Scenes - Usa, Sidmouth Fringe Sessions, Symphony Hall, Gaiajazz Festival, Dolomiti Blues & Soul Festival and many others. In 2023 Aurora will be touring in Europe, performing her music in different countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy and UK.

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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623