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Victorian Bath House is a hidden gem in the City. Grade II listed and brimming with character this subterranean space is a venue to impress.

Proprietary cocktails and a house menu inspired by authentic Victoriana with a modern twist will keep your guests well fed and watered.


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Paul Tooze (No Journey Too Small)

9 months ago

I was surprised to see such a beautiful small building in this built up part of London, near to Liverpool St Station. I understand that there’s a huge space below but couldn’t get to see it. It must have been amazing in its day, a hot Turkish bath must have been wonderful. The top part does look as thought it’s a cafe now.

Melissa Goodwin

1 year ago

A truly great design. What a site to be seen. It’s great it is still in use, even if for private events. I would be more than intrigued to hire this out to see the inside. The detail of this building is splendid. May it continue to remain preserved!

Chris Gledhill

1 year ago

Lovely event venue. Don’t be deceived by the small above ground building, below is cavernous with plenty of space for an event for 60+ people. The building dates from 1895 when it was a Turkish bath.


6 years ago

I went to the Victorian Bath House for the first time last Friday and I was amazed by it. The truth is that if you don't know that is there you will never find it as from the outside it looks like a very small cafe. However, as you enter and you go down the stairs you realise that something good is about to follow. At the end of the stairs there are two rooms both with a very nice setting. We got seated and the waitress came with the menus and she explained the concept of the bar. At the Victorian Bath House they make they take spirits (gin, rum, brandy etc) which they pour in different fruits and let it stay there for a few weeks. After this period the spirit flavour is infused with the fruit which means that it has a unique taste. Then they use this spirit for their cocktails. As we were a group of four we ordered four different cocktails and they were all amazing. I would recommend you to try the buttered rum as you can actually taste the butter and how it breaks the rum and makes it easier to drink. This place is a "must go" as the prices are normal, the staff is very friendly, the service is excellent and because the originality of the design gives you a perfect experience. Drink photos: "Go-hito" and "Cornely's Cup"

Gary Spooner

7 years ago

We had a private function here, the venue itself is very qwerky and layed out well. I wasnt overly impressed with the drink i was drinking. They had some weird drinks on offer, one was bluecheese and quiche?? I drank the lemon vodka all night (free bar) and walked away sober. Venue is only small and at times during the night it became over crowded very easily, there was only about 50 of us. Some of the food was ok however they served small platters of finger food which was normally cold by the time it came to you. Mac & cheese balls were nice, mini burgers were ok and the chicken on skewers they served was quite slimmey a smelt funny. They also served chesse in pesto sauce which were again just ok as they were sickley and defo not moreish. 1 was enough... All in all, nice venue for small party however food was under average and drinks selection was poor and not impressed with vodka choices.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623