Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Nottingham's newest party pub hosting regular discos, live music and playing music across the decades.

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Barnaby Deller

6 months ago

When I first walked into this establishment I felt like I had crossed into the garden of Eden, everything is so blissful and the only temptation is to stay even longer. An excellent venue for any night out but I have go say a Wednesday is my favourite.


6 months ago

Please believe me when I say I’ve never seen anything like the atmosphere of VIBES NIGHTLIFE. If you’re all about pints, chit chat and good people then have a look… you may even see me hitting a dirty griddy! Honestly when I’ve had a few I feel like I’m cutting shapes in a space ship on that modern sci-fi like dance floor, good times!

Archie Taylor

6 months ago

I once stumbled upon Vibes one cold Wednesday evening as I made my way into town. I bustled inside and headed straight for the bar, despite the myriad of selection, a singular drink caught my eye, the infamous “Long Island Iced Tea”. Such was the quality of this particular beverage, I have vowed to never have one from any other institution and now regularly frequent this lovely establishment. I hope to see you all soon!!

Joshua Biddlecombe

6 months ago

There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and vibes nighlife quite possibly being one of the most fun nights out. lovely staff, lovely atmosphere, i wish i could give it 6 stars.

Bobbie Mutafchiyska

6 months ago

Extremity disspointed with the venue, my main concern is the staff member called Lauren who was behind the bar. I felt extremely discriminated by Lauren as she lied about my state to simply get me kicked out. I aknowledged the bouncers request at the time as I didn’t want to cause a scene but outside expressed my frustration with the lie. I believe Lauren wasn’t very customer-centric and her unprofessionalism lead to the loss of 7 customers. Will not be returning due to the childish behaviour of the staff and return custom has been lost

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623