Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Lina B

5 months ago

Really nice place. Will definitely return. Seemed a bit quiet though. We were only ones there for about 10 minutes. But even when more people came in, most of them were gone quite quickly. Beers were expensive, imagine London prices but mostly due to the fact that 60-70% of them are imports. They were high quality though. It’s a shame they don’t do some sort of cashback at the till. We rarely carry cash so had to walk out to the New street to find cashpoint to then exchange it to coins at the till. Not a huge issue but an inconvenience.


7 months ago

Have seen this place in the local news and on social media a few times, it looked fun and I was in the vicinity so thought I'd pop in. There's three floors of pinball machines and seating, and craft beers on tap. I started off with a few games on the foo fighters machine, which was great as it pumped out some of their best work while I played, and gave the extra incentive to play better and longer! After that, I chilled out with a few beers, and got my wife a couple of coffees in. We went during a quiet time, and were served by the owner who I quietly recognised from media I'd previously seen. Service was friendly and courteous. A few times he offered to bring our drinks to our table. My wife enjoyed the coffee, it looked and smelt great to me. I tried three different pints, but you can buy various smaller measures, which is handy as the beer is definitely not cheap, ranging from £5.60 to £24 for a pint! The three I had were lovely though. It's the kind of place that's definitely worth checking out at least once as a great experience, but not somewhere I could see myself regularly visiting. I came in ready with pound coins for the machines, but I believe they sort you out with change at the counter if you're not as well prepared.

Doug Neilson

8 months ago

Craft beer bar and pinball gallery. Set in lovely old arcade. Very basic seating and facilities. Some very good craft beers were on at reasonable prices. (Some special US beers were the most expensive I've ever seen in UK). About 20 pinball machines in very good working condition. Clearly a specialist place - but hard to beat for beer & pinball.

Dave Sadler

10 months ago

Fantastic Pinball bar offering a superb range of craft beers on tap, in cans and in bottles. All styles of beers on offer, whether you like IPAs, sour beers or big heavy stouts! If you're not in the mood for a beer, there's a range of other drinks on offer, plus some pretty delicious coffee and cakes! Vibe is super chilled and the staff are very knowledgeable about the machines and the beers. Pinball machines are beautifully maintained and range from vintage 90s machines upstairs to brand new machines on the ground floor. Well recommended if you like the sound of a bar with equally well curated machines and beers alike!

David Wilcock

11 months ago

Brilliant bar with a fine selection of craft beer and pinball machines! New pinball machines on the ground floor and classic 90"s tables on the first floor. All in great condition and played very well. £1 for one game, £3 for three games, great value. The beer was super as well with an interesting selection on offer. Prices were reasonable for the quality on offer. Overall a great bar and well worth popping in.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623