Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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4 months ago

First time going out in Leeds, tried out the stone roses bar. Bouncer named “Rich” wouldn’t let me and 3 of my mates in as we “wouldn’t understand the music”. Pretty poor excuse…? Won’t be going again👍🏽

Ferhat Altin

4 months ago

The bouncer called Rich was letting everyone in who were in front of us which there must of been about 30 people. When it came to me and my friend the bouncer would not let us in, we asked him why and he said that “we wouldn’t understand the music” as we are Kurdish. I have been in the UK 29 years and have never experience anything like it.

Leila Balfe

5 months ago

Very rude staff and an extremely aggy manager. Insinuated I wasn’t telling the truth about the tonic being flat in my drink and wouldn’t do anything about it. If a customer isn’t happy with their drink then you make another one and try to rectify the issue. Instead I was told, and I quote - “the only way you can have another drink is to pay full price for a new one.” Your staff need to cheer up and make better drinks. Won’t ever be coming back and can see from a number of 1 star reviews on here that this is a common and recurring issue.

Damian Glover

6 months ago

Edgy atmosphere, not my cup of tea to be fair. Saw a chap minding his own business at the bar get manhandled and chucked out by a bouncer because it looked like he had been sick on the floor. It wasn't him. Won't hurry back.

Lewis Ogier

7 months ago

The place is a disgrace, I was viciously assaulted outside the bar in front of several people after a bouncer decided to knock some poor guy out minding his own business.. right outside the front door. I went to help the guy and three bouncers jumped on me to restrain me even though I’d done nothing.. I was walked around the corner, laid facing down in police handcuffs and then I was strangled to the point of near death. Police were there and left me to be assaulted.. I didn’t no what was going on I was vulnerable clearly in that situation obviously because you lot have the power to assault people day to day. You all have a duty of care and you all stood there and watched me be assaulted and removed from town/my night out. Let me just say people Avoid this shocking establishment Your not safe, no one is looking out for your welfare and the place is a sticky sweaty dive.. The bouncer that did it Why don’t you come to mine and try strangle me?? Coz you wouldn’t you coward. Ladies watch yourselves going to this place… you are not safe. All doorman we’re watching this happen to me and did nothing but smile laugh and humiliate me.. Shutting it down Would be the best thing for it. Take my review seriously people it’s the truth and your are not safe to enjoy yourselves.. COWARDS 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 PS I don’t who’s actually wrote these reviews but I believe they are false ones. It needs shutting down.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623