Sound, Food & Drink, situated on Duke Street, has spent a year finding its place within the Liverpool bar scene and, it seems to us that, that place was waiting for them all along. From the start they lay their cards on the table; Sound, food, drink. Whilst some pubs try to force the evolution of a middle ground between bar and restaurant and only achieve mediocre pub grub, and some restaurants try to stage musicians yet fail to capture the mood of any acceptable venue, the guys behind Sound elected to remind themselves of the pennants they intended to keep at every turn and each part, due to this, works in perfect harmony.

A love of live music meant their bar must have a stage for showcasing what Liverpool has to offer. Over the past 12 months Sound have squeezed in everything, from Rock ‘n’ Roll to electro dub themed nights, so they are sure to have a night coming up soon perfect for your pallet. One of the biggest highlights on their calendar has been the lazy blue grass Sundays. Perfect for easing a hangover bought with one too many the night before.

Pop in for a morning coffee and you will be treated to perfect brew with no concession to ornament, the heart of their drinks are in the taste not the look as is the case with most chain store coffee shops. Head to sound of an evening and you can treat yourself to something special, not content to just stock Smirnoff and Gordon’s, Carling and Carlsberg, Sound try to provide artisan ales and spirits to their discerning patrons at every turn.