Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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4 months ago

Nice friendly place, nice cosy bar, big function room, DJ on a Sunday night, playing wide range of music, Reggae soul & R&B.

lorraine lawes

6 months ago

Firstly the customer service was lovely. Very welcoming, friendly and helpful. The location is fine. Good bus route back into town and there are local amenities restaurants shops etc. That was useful. The rooms are clean but tired. Needs revamping. The bed has seen better days. I felt every spring in the mattress. There was no remote for the TV although I did request one it never came... tight squeeze in the bathroom but I guess that is because of the room size but it was clean. The pub itself was lovely not loud and even though I was told there was a dj playing that night. I was not disturbed by the music. Although the guest staying were loud and had no regard for other guests. Maybe a sign up reminding them to be respectful to other guests. Would I stay again... yes if they revamped the rooms.

Esmae The cook

7 months ago

Turnt up here for 2 nights, the parking was absolutely ridiculous. Could fit 2 cars in and if your blocked in your blocked in. Went into the pub, landlady I believe is called lindsay, seemed friendly, but majorly fake. Went to the room, no curtains. So had to go back downstairs, they swapped our rooms, new room had tin foil around the windows? No TV remote and 1 paper thin pillow each. The room its self was horrible, they certainly don't understand what clean means. The toilet had poo down the sides, the bin was dirty, the shower had what looked like pubic hair on the floor. The heater didn't work so we was absolutely freezing, one bed was dipped because the base was broke. One bed was like sleeping on springs. Mould around the whole room too. But first night was done and we slept OK considering the state of the place! 2nd night, dear me. The whole place was shaking!! Please do not take kids here, none of you will sleep. The bloke downstairs told us it will be finishing at midnight. Midnight came it was still going so we went back downstairs, lindsay then said how it's going to be finished soon because her licence only let's her play music till 11.45pm and she can't sell drinks either. By this time there was 2 other families downstairs unable to sleep. The landlady then said she was scared the group in the party would beat her up so agreed to 1am. 1am came and again it went. The music didn't go off till gone 2am. When we confronted lindsay she started shouting getting high rate saying how we should just call the police because it happens every week etc etc. She was very rude. Never once did she offer any sort of apology considering we had a 5 hour journey at 7am the next day! Every rule that place has is broken, her licence says 11.45 yet there was music ongoing. Kids aren't meant to be behind the bar yet her daughter who looked around 6 was behind it. The place deserves to be shut down and I really believe it needs a serious looking at because it would get shut down! Avoid!!! Even if you could sleep here for pence I wouldn't suggest it. Bad service. Bad staff. Bad attitude, bad rooms. Pics and videos actually make it look good in comparison to what it is in reality!

Tom Bloomfield

7 months ago

Would score lower. Awful service, refused refund. Loud wedding taking place, dirty room, crunchy mattress, unlocked back door as only entrance at night, drugs being dealt in corridor. Left about 20 mins after arriving. DO NOT BOOK

Zoe M

8 months ago

Should have read more reviews before booking here!!! AVOID!! Arrived for an early check in, unsecured "car park" around the back which could barely fit 2 cars in. Had to go across the road to the garage to get money out for the cash deposit (charged ATM), which they didn't even take in the end. Came back to our friends being rudely told their room didn't have a key to lock it so their only choice was to put all their belongings in our room whilst we went out, or they could just find somewhere else to stay. No offer of another room. Didn't have much choice given all other hotels were fully booked or double the price that weekend and we were already running late for our event. Passed the ladies toilets on the way up the 4 flights of stairs to rooms, it smelled horrible and had water all over the floor (hoping it was just water 😬) and tissue and rubbish all around the sinks. Our room smelt absolutely disgusting!! Even with the window open. Don't know if it was sewage, or sick, or what but it was revolting. We dumped all our stuff and went out. Got back by 11pm, and had to spray the carpet and room with air freshener which we thought did the trick enough. The mattress was okay, pillows were lumpy and flat as a pancake. Thought the TV was gonna fall of the wall with how much it was leaning. No information for signing into the WiFi. Shower had mould on tiles, the water came out the hot tap brownish. Knees were up against the door whilst using the loo. Blinds had mould on them, drawers had damp stains in them. I hate early check outs but I've never wanted to leave so quickly before. Mentioned in the morning about the smell in the room, which sadly we'd obviously got used to after spraying it, because going back into the room to collect our things it was still there we actually gagged. When questioned why we didn't come and say something the night before I reminded the manager that they hadn't offered a room to our friends so the likelihood of them offering us a room was highly unlikely also. Everything was blamed on the new cleaners and the manager just didn't seem to care.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623