Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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lesley websdale

4 months ago

To say that this pub has been quite a special place for our family over a few decades, my Dad was a boatbuilder at an old, now gone, boat yard. We spent many occasions there. Even family friends ran the pub for many years. Seen changes happen there, but always felt like it was a place to reflect on happy memories. So, I feel saddened to write this review. It was our daughter's birthday and she had asked specifically to go there to celebrate. I have mobility issues and had recently upped my medication. On arrival I actually felt a bit unwell due to this and felt really hot. It didn't help that we were seated near a radiator. We asked if the three of us could move. No was the answer but they did turn the radiator down. There was an empty six seater table next to us. Later it only had three people sat there. The waiting staff did seem flustered and rushing about, didn't seem organised. There wasn't any charisma at all from anyone. It felt chaotic. There wasn't much choice on the menu for us. We are pescetarians. We did make a mistake of not realising the Sunday menu would be different. My daughter and I had the sea bass with scallops pea and mint risotto. Scallops seemed raw, Sea bass wasn't cooked well and the skin wasn't crispy. My husband had a veg burger with two slimey onions rings and a handful of limp fries. Deserts were better, although I did say twice it is my daughter's birthday can you do something with her dessert, alot of places would have put a candle in or sing happy birthday or something, But nothing.. What I did witness when the table of six which was three, left, an older gentleman came to clean and reset the table with cutlery. He handled every fork by the prongs and knives by the blade and on two occasions he picked bits off the forks wiped with his fingers and placed on the table ready for the unknowing customer to use. This made me feel sick 🤢 I was glad to leave. Will not be going back in a hurry. The only thing it has going for it; is the pretty building with a beautiful setting shame that's not reflected by the staff, service and food. We all had a bit of a dodgy tummy the next day Tried to call but you get Claire an automated person. She seemed friendly enough. 🙏🏽🤦‍♀️🤣 Come on get your act together.

Helen Kirkham

4 months ago

Delicious food in a beautiful old building. Highly recommend the steak and ale pie and the chocolate torte


5 months ago

Been here a twice in the past month and I wanted to try food a second time before leaving a review in the hopes that is was a one off, but the food again, wasn't great. To start with the positives, I do love the location. It has a very nice feel to it, along with a lovely outside area and view. The staff are always friendly but I would probably say just friendly is about as far as that goes. Not complaining at all, I just find the service never particularly stands out. The food however is just not great. First meal we had was a roast and the only way I can describe it is 'school dinner'. The meat was tough and over cooked. I am not a fan of the vegetable selection that goes with it either, but that is probably just personal preference. The roast potatoes weren't at all crispy and quite hard on the inside which was very disappointing. Hardly any gravy, the gravy we did have was extremely watery. It was all edible though and I was super hungry so I did eat a good amount of it. I've got to say, the cauliflower cheese was really nice and the crackle was pretty good too. Second time we went I had the Salmon Florentine. The salmon was so overcooked. I don't normally judge too much on this as I find its quite often the case when eating out as people worry too much about undercooking, but this was very overcooked. The skin wasn't crispy in the slightest. The hollandaise sauce was actually really nice other and the poached egg was perfectly runny. This made the salmon decent to eat. The roasted baby potatoes were soooo hard and just not great. My boyfriend had a steak which he asked for medium rare, but came out well done. I did suggest asking for a new one but he said to leave it as we had a lot to do, so I am not really complaining too much on this as I'm sure they might have given him a new one. We had a side of halloumi fries both times which were really nice and the cheesy garlic bread was decent too. I will definitely come back and try the food again as I do love the location and there has been a couple of parts of the meal that I have really enjoyed both times.

Tony Parkins

6 months ago

I like the location of The Rush Cutters but today it was off its game on service. We were seated quickly but all the staff seemed disinterested and not engaged in the job. The food was pleasant enough but there were not many chips on the meals. I had the Steak Ciabatta which was well cooked and had a fabulous gravy.

Deea K

9 months ago

Absolutely stunning for everything including great quality standard of the food, service and atmosphere. The genuine hospitality and friendly approach of the bartender really amazed me especially during such a busy time in the evening where he constantly ran from one side of the bar to the other making sure every customer is attended to quickly.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623