Truly historic pub with nooks and crannies, gnarled timbers, worn flagstones and carved oak panels.The first evidence historians can find of the Royal Standard of England in Beaconsfield is listed in the Domesday Book, dating back to 1086.

A warm welcome pilgrim, to the Royal Standard of England. As a nation we say “come to my local”, we are referring to our pub. This pub is a quintessential part of British life and culture. Loved and cared for by centuries of guests.

Passing through the ancient wooden doors, light disappears, as does the changing modern world you leave behind. Making your way into the bar, over the medieval tiled floor; you are welcomed by warming smells of wood smoke, hops and home-cooked food. Taking a seat, you are encased in a world of candlelit rooms, filled with treasures, trophies and ghosts of the past.

Refreshing pints of golden ale rest easily on wooden tables, and are sipped gently as they have been for generations. Warmth blazes from the log fires in winter, the cat curled up on the chair beside. Cosy corners lurk from room to room, for reading a book, confessing a secret or catching up with old friends. Plates steaming with delicious, hearty dishes make their way through to happy punters chatting merrily.

The garden, buzzing with life is filled with families and friends sipping on fruity beers and cool ciders, lazing sunny afternoons away in the sunshine. Groups returning from long walks with muddy dogs and wellies, ready for their Sunday roast.

This pub will have seen history made and we, dear pilgrim, are but late arrivals amongst its guests.

And now we wish you joy if you seek to find this pub.
Come freely - Go safely - And may you come to know it not as a stranger but as a friend.