Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623

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Bert Bell

3 months ago

An excellent local pub Well done.

Tom Costelloe

5 months ago

Friendly local pub with a good choice of beers. Shows all the football.


7 months ago

Lady with blonde long hair behind the bar was so rude to my family who were on holiday from Oz. I often go to the riser with friends or sometimes family the other day spent around 30 pounds waiting for my sister in law and her partner to arrive as it was her birthday. When they got there I asked them what they would like to drink her partner has not drank alcohol for a few years.. who said he was ok at the moment I brought my self and my sister in law a pint. After I had paid for these she then looked towards my sister in laws partner and said and what about you? He replied he was okay at the moment. She said you do know this is a pub and you need to get a drink. I reminded her how much I had already spent and that I often come in here also he did not drink alcohol she went on to say we sell soft drinks you know. but at the moment he was not thirsty. She also said you wouldn't sit in weather spoons with out a drink I replied well you might it's not like we all haven't got a drink apart from him, she then went on to say it's common sense to get a drink! and was very rude to him we were all in shock and I wish I had asked for a re fund but wasn't thinking at the time just couldn't believe how rude she was. When I went back in I said how she had made a bad start to birthday celebrations and she was abit of a •••head. She came charging out shouting say that to my face aggressively I did say it again but not aggressively she was shouting something and said I was barred. But have to say none of us wanted to go in again after the way she spoke and treated us all to begin with.

Sharne Tappin

1 year ago

Visiting family in Barstaple, this is where my mother in law likes to come. She had a good relationship with the previous landlord. Being taken under new management, we spoke with the new landlady.. I hope she makes some great changes as this has so much potential. She was lovely and chatty, the kind of character you need to run a pub. Two gorgeous doggos that are noisy but friendly. The pub is a nice space with friendly locals. Dog friendly, nice cocktails and good seating and big tvs for sport. A nice seating area out the front, if you like to people watch. My favourite part has to be out the back.. the garden has plenty of seating and some fruit trees/plants growing. There’s a seating area on decking, a seating area by brick walls that made me feel like I was on holiday or by a castle, And a nice grass area with benches. Really has character. I was surprised to hear they close the back doors at 9.. we were told this is due to neighbours, which I understand, but it’s a real shame considering it’s the best part.. it would look gorgeous lit up with lights! I feel like the Improvements that need doing are for the garden to be kept better.. I know it’s now autumn and you can’t help the apples falling but there were alot of rotten apples and leaves everywhere, just needs a little tidy up. The toilets - not sure on mens, but the space in the women’s cubicles are just too small. I had to stand over the toilet to open the door to get out. And both need some good air fresheners. The pool table needs new pool cues, as they had no nib on, and some proper pool chalk. (Had a child’s pink chalk) and the lighting is quite dark in that area. Sorry for complaining but hope this is good feedback that will be taken into account, I look forward to visiting again in the future and writing a better review!

Joseph Johnson

5 years ago

Clean place, reasonable choice of drinks. But... horrible atmosphere. Weirdly rude and hostile landlord. When I was there with my friend we were 2/3 of his customers so you'd think he'd want to be friendly. Instead he acted like two people having a pint and a quiet chat is some kind of inconvenience. You're in the wrong trade pal!

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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623
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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623