Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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4 months ago

Nice Wetherspoon pub. Clean and tidy inside and very warm and welcoming. Staff were friendly and polite and provided great service. Food was good quality, and drinks were very well priced as you'd expect. Ordered most of the items on app to table, which was seamless and quick.

Paul Horstead

5 months ago

Lovely Lovely rooms, clean, well equipped and a wonderful cleaner, probably the only person who had time for you, the rest were simply overworked. Being foreign, I did not know how Wetherspoons worked, so I felt a little belittled whilst ordering food and expectations of services

Nigel Green

5 months ago

Very good Spoons, plenty of room, great staff, food very good, clean but yes, you've guessed it, the toilets are a 2 mile hike upstairs, not good for my old knees. 😂 Highly recommend and will visit again on my next visit to Donny.👍 This review is only for the Bar AND NOT the Hotel.


6 months ago

Had food in here on a Friday night and it was very good. That was the good point. The bad point was that when I came to use the disabled person's toilet it was being used by 2 women that were clearly not disabled. I am not a person that is abelist these women had drinks in both hands and were drunk. There is a sign on the door saying key behind the bar. I watched after I had been in and it was being used by anyone. That's not good.

Kat Martin

7 months ago

conflicting feelings about this popular establishment. While the atmosphere and pricing make it an appealing choice for a casual hangout I had a frustrating experience. I visited The Red Lion with three friends, and unfortunately, my order seemed to vanish into thin air. Despite repeated assurances that my food was on its way, it never arrived. To add to the confusion, my order was accidentally removed because of a change made by someone else at the table. This left me hungry and disappointed, and the situation was far from ideal. This isn't the first time I've encountered issues with orders, but this incident was particularly frustrating. It's disheartening when simple mistakes lead to such inconveniences, especially when it comes to something as basic as getting a meal order right. However, The Red Lion does have its positives. The prices of bottled drinks are relatively affordable compared to many other places in the area. For those looking for a budget-friendly spot to grab a drink, it's a convenient choice. I wouldn't say go for the ambiance, while the toilets are actually stunning the main pub area isn't. You've very likely to be entertained by some punter causing a scene or police coming in after someone.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623