Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Graham Tetley

6 months ago

Travelled 200 miles to see a lovely couple after 20 years and they had gone on holiday the same day see you in another 20 years Pony

Carol Oswin

8 months ago

Lovely friendly staff & locals. Live music Mondays. Definitely recommend

Mike773 U

1 year ago

12/08/22: one of the stops on our Hebden Bridge Ale Trail. The Railway is a small pub for local people. It had no craft ale on tap and only a small selection of basic lagers. We chose to make it a shot pub, involving two Fireball cinnamon whiskey liqueurs and a J√£gerbomb, then promptly left as a poor lady at the bar had soiled herself on the stools next to us.

Paul Stokes Heywood

4 years ago

I performed 3 songs here at the open mic night , which is held every Monday. Great atmosphere. It was my first visit, I am definitely going back.

Lindsey Blenkhorn

6 years ago

Having witnessed a massive bar fight in this pub, that spilled out into the street and ended up with several people being battered to a state of unconsciousness in the main road last night, while bar staff did absolutely nothing and continued serving alcohol to people already completely intoxicated; I was absolutely disgusted and will never give you another penny of my money. You were a disgrace and thee licensee deserves to be reported to the brewery. Take your responsibilities more seriously!

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623