Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623

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Natalie Carruthers

4 months ago

Went today for a Christmas meal of 16 people. Food was amazing no complaints, came out in good time and staff was very attentive. Also needed wheelchair access and high chair and all was provided. No faults thanks again 🙂

Paddy Newman

5 months ago

Sadly, it was a disappointment all round. I'll start by stating I was charged twice by their app. Hopefully my bank/vendor resolves it, it's not a problem but it was a bad, unwanted start to a terrible lunch. Ordered chicken chorizo croquettes, they looked like toes mid cremation. Pretty burnt, I imagine they taste fantastic. Also 3? For nearly £7? I've never done drugs but I feel I need to as to understand how you can charge that for such a small portion. Cheesy garlic bread aka the dryest flip flop in the desert. I know it can be hard to make the perfect g-bread but when you have to snap it and dust from said bread enters the breathable atmosphere, you've gotta reconsider the time you cook that. Mains wise, BBQ Mac burger, as well as a cheese and bacon burger. I know burgers well, I'm no Gordon Ramsay but I am fat (ok I'm not that fat) and love burgers. I've eaten thousands. My brother in Christ, that burger was rank. Like if I had to decide between that again and my own excrement (with garnish obviously) you know, it would be tough choice. My wife is like a Dyson, pure food vacuum, but picture is what she left. I'm as surprised as you, but genuinely one of the worst meats ever. What is going on there? I mentioned the double payment (ironic as I wish I didn't even pay once) which was dealt with as well as the pandemic. Too little, not enough ownership, 'dont know' - you know how it went. I really feel for the young lad, I stated I paid twice, plz fix, he said he'd ask the manager. Fair, he did, and he came back with 'its pending, it'll sort itself' And if it doesn't? 'dont know' You don't mess with people's money, I'm more annoyed the manager didn't come and say anything, just left it to this poor lad. I was more than nice because it's not his fault but management should deal with that, not the knife and fork delivery service guy. Sound like a Karen right now but if you mess with people's money when they have very little (not myself but can't imagine others on low incomes coping with that) then you'll have some super upset angry folk. All in all really disappointed with the visit. I know you stated you are low on staff that day and that my guys is fine. I don't mind waiting. I do however mind being served garbage. Hopefully some helpful words there. Edit - have reached out as requested - heard nothing.

Dee Sturgess

5 months ago

Our first visit here today. So much space! Friendly service. Great prices. Food was good but only discovered after tucking in that we didn't actually get the food we ordered 😂 Will certainly visit again 🙂

tommy wong

7 months ago

Nice, warm and clean restaurant in Newark. Like wetherspoon. Good for family with kids.

Dave Holland

1 year ago

We called in the Old Post Office for lunch on Saturday. We ordered our food and drinks at the bar. Three meals and drinks for £25. Reasonable prices and reasonable portions. The food was well presented and the staff were friendly and very helpful. A very enjoyable experience.

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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623
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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623

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