Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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We all need a place to relax after work, so why not do it with a drink in your hand? Come and unwind with a cocktail or two...


Our local music scene is popping and we wanted to showcase some of the best talent around. Come by on Thursday evenings to enjoy live music. Who knows, maybe you'll find your new favorite band!


Enjoy a lovely coffee and piece of cake with friends within the spacious and luxurious surroundings of Lux37.

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Charlie Middleton

9 months ago

Popped in for a drink and a light lunch after a stroll across the beach. Nice friendly staff, food was hot and good portion sizes for the price.

Duncan McArdle

9 months ago

Located in the heart of Formby village in an old bank, Lux37 is an attempt at a concept I love: a business with separate functions that allows it to open all day (in this case a café and bar). Unfortunately, it misses the mark on both. I visited during the morning for coffee and cake, and so will be predominantly reviewing it as a Cafe. The coffee (flat white) was pretty awful. It was so hot that I could still barely drink it after 20 minutes. It was about the right quantity for a flat white, but served in a tall mug, and had no attempt at latte art. The underlying coffee flavour was okay, but that's unfortunately all the good I could say for it. They need to drastically lower the temperature of the milk, train the staff on how to texture it, and choose the right mugs. The cake was nice, so no complaints there. It was soft enough to taste fresh and was great value for money when included in their coffee and cake deal. Staff were very friendly, and dealt with a few unusual patrons whilst we were there very well. The decor of Lux37 is that of a dark and secluded luxury bar / nightclub. This looks like it would work well for the bar side, but works poorly for the cafe. Additionally, they have more recently adapted the place to function as a sports bar, including adding a giant screen and TV showing sports, which clearly clashes with their vibe as a luxury bar and cafe. All of this combines to create a strange concept that fails to function as a Cafe, a high end bar, or a sports bar. I think they're capable of achieving any of them well, maybe even two of them, but they need to focus as currently they seem to be missing the mark on all three. A good example of this is that their table-based bar menu looks luxurious and exclusive, yet the drinks menu above the bar looks like they've printed it on plain white paper and hastily hung it up. There was apparently only one highchair available. I appreciate that the main function of this spot is not as a Cafe, and thus multiple highchairs may seem like an unfair request, but I do think that if you're opening for a few hours as a Cafe in a family orientated town that you could spend a few quid on some more IKEA chairs. Unfortunately we won't be back unless they drastically change something.

Sam j

10 months ago

My husband and I have been coming here practically every day for the past few weeks whilst we wait for our little boy and the staff are absolutely amazing the seating is really comfortable and the whole place has a very relaxing atmosphere. The food is delicious, and everything is reasonably priced they even do deals on drinks and food together. Whilst we've been coming here, we've noticed a few regulars that are also there every day, and the staff treat them like well loved family members. I highly recommend this place.

Alan Drury

11 months ago

I dropped into Lux37 for a Long Island Iced Tea in memory of Les Snow who passed around this time last year. We had shared experiences of having this cocktail in Australia and Caesars Palace ..great memories. The two barmen who helped serve me were kind and considerate, not to mention skilled at their art. It tasted superb. Cheers to them and Les.

Andy Coey

1 year ago

Popped in for a coffee & cake which was delicious. Staff were very friendly & nothing was too much trouble. The bar looks great. Will return for something stronger 💪☺️

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623