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A hidden gem in the heart of Camden, The Lock’s historic façade plays host to a distinctly modern personality & comfy, elegant spaces. With a secret garden, all-weather rooftop terrace, great food, and a music programme worthy of the neighbourhood, expect gravy & good times at The Lock.


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Soledad Tamariz-Martel

7 months ago

Absolutely, the pub in Camden Town is a hidden gem that you simply can’t miss. Their winter-ready beer garden with a fire pit is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal and drinks even during the colder seasons. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with soft lighting and blankets available to keep you warm. The food is delicious and diverse, offering everything from classic British dishes to more international options. The beer selection is outstanding, with a wide variety to choose from. The staff is friendly and attentive, adding even more charm to the experience. I highly recommend this pub to anyone looking to enjoy a great meal and a fantastic beer selection in a warm and festive setting, even in the midst of winter. It’s the perfect place to gather with friends or have a delightful time on your own. Don’t miss out!


8 months ago

Awful experience: poor standards and appalling customer service in a very generic setting. This used to be my local in the early to mid-2010s before it changed hands and was refurbished in 2018. It used to host excellent gigs and DJs, the atmosphere was great and the roast and burgers were the best in Camden. This was my first visit after the refurb having previously been put off by the new look. Once inside, my first impression was that the flowers outside, the new decor and wallpaper are more “small town hotel pub” than Camden iconic destination. Sadly the excellent music programme and stage have long gone, and the place has lots its character and atmosphere. Live music is more than hosting a local musician with a guitar, as was the case today (no offence to the musician who was quietly playing in the background this evening). More than anything else though, my negative review is due to the poor standards of service and cleanliness I experienced that should have no place in a pub of this type. I went to order a few drinks and to my surprise my white wine was poured in a spritz glass with a large Aperol logo on it. The pub was not busy, it was 5.30pm on a Sunday, but apparently they had run out of wine glasses and the only other option was going to be a tumbler, and there was no acknowledgement on the bartender’s side that this was not ideal, in fact, he was quite annoyed that I had asked if it would be possible to have my wine in a wine glass. The answer was unapologetic: “I can give you a tumbler, we’ve run out of wine glasses”. Reluctantly, I took my drinks and went to sit down when I noticed lipstick marks on both sides of the wine glass. I went back, explained the issue (I even started with “I’m sorry, I’ve just noticed…” despite this not being my fault at all). The bartender went to the other end of the bar and, after checking a handful of tumblers for cleanliness (and putting them back down in the same place as they were probably not up to standard either!!), he eventually found a decent one and without a single word or facial acknowledgement he just put down the tumbler in front of me and turned away. I couldn’t believe that I had to then explain that, given the first glass was clearly dirty, I couldn’t just pour the same wine from the dirty glass into the tumbler. Again, without any acknowledgement or apology, the bartender went to speak to a colleague who confirmed he could pour me a fresh drink. I appreciate that occasionally glasses can come out of the dishwasher cycle with lipstick residues, that is not what I’m disappointed about, but it’s the way the issue was dealt with that is disappointing. Mishaps happen, somehow pubs can run out of glasses even if it’s a quiet night… but what was below basic pub standards was the disappointing service I received, and the fact that I was not told they had no more wine glasses before ordering. Had I known, I would have ordered a different drink. I hope the member of staff with the long hair and moustache gets some training on drinks presentation and customer service. I assumed they may be new to the job, but this someone who has worked there for months, judging by Instagram. Lastly, the back garden roof is now all covered in plexiglas allowing no air circulation at all. It’s basically like an enclosed smoking area. It is also worth noting that during this visit most of the toilets were out of service.

Laszlo Sifter

10 months ago

Great atmosphere, beautiful terrace/garden with pretty decoration. Garden is partially covered. No need to worry about the rain. Only when you leave. 😝 Food is great. 🍔 One day we tried a vegan jackfruit burger and a classy beef. I wanted to replace the fries to sweet potato, and they charged extra for it instead of just swap them. They told me I have to pay extra is true. 🤓But like that it was overpriced. I payed around £58 💸 for two burgers with a swapped fries to sweet potato. Just be aware when you ask any extra or swap. 🤨 Second time we were there for Sunday Roast. It was amazing. I didn’t expected to be that good. Well done team. Would be back for another Sunday Roast for sure. Great vibrant environment.

Roksana Ponikowska

10 months ago

It's a great place with friendly staff. All the food we tried was tasty - fish&chips, pizza, sausage&mash. Quite a peaceful pub although it was a Sat afternoon and crowds at the market. I would recommend that without question.

Dai Tree

1 year ago

What can I say ..a brilliant place, a Pandora's box of a pub. Sit for a moment, enjoy and then look at the garden, delightful. Oh, pop upstairs and look at the bar and roof garden, not missing out on the lovely hidden room next to the bar. The place is simply delightful. Then we address the staff, thank you for lovely service and the best smiles. Loads of keg beers but, as far as I am aware, not the place for real ale drinkers, it doesn't say it is, so, sorry but still a great place. I have never put so many commas in a single sentence: sorry to my teachers of yesteryear.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623