30-32 Thomas Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M4 1ER
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    Happening on 11/01/2017

    Much more than your stuffy local pub quiz, Quizimodo is a multi media extravaganza of knowledge and stupidity. Aiming to provide more of a game show than the boring monotony of regular (rubbish) quizzes Quizimodo bring pictionary, funny clips, cracking gags, bizarre cover versions and of course kazoos to create a quiz like no other.
    It’s as if science and fun had a baby. They named that baby Quizimodo and now it’s an unruly pre-teen with a penchant for crisps and biscuits. Which is handy as each quiz feeds its patrons with unhealthy snacks and healthy doses of trivia. Quizimodo has rightly established itself as the best quiz in the Northern Quarter. Just ask anyone. Seriously, go on. We can wait.
    Join Jenny and Johnny in Odd Bar as they dance and joke their way through four rounds of the strangest factoids known to man. Quizimodo starts at 8pm, but it’s advised to get down early as they fill up fast and there are limited seats.