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Trying to find pubs in Chatham that are a Member Club? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got every pub and bar in the UK listed. Whether you’re looking for a pub or bar to play darts, somewhere to play pool or just want to have a look at a menu before you go, we can help.

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  • Palmerston Working Mans Club

    0.9 miles
    104 Palmerston Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 5SJ
    Palmerston Working Mans Club

    Palmerston Working Mans Club in Chatham has aircon. The pub has a car park, it is a family friendly pub. Palmerston Working Mans Club serves food. The pub has a function room that can be booked, it has a smoking area. Palmerston Working Mans Club has free WiFi. The pub has a dart board, it has live music events. Palmerston Working Mans Club has a pool table. The pub has a big screen, it shows football on TV. Palmerston Working Mans Club has terrestrial TV. The pub is a members club.

    17/08/2012 Bulmers Original
    • 5.0
    — The best with ice
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    16/08/2012 Bulmers Original
    • 5.0
    — The most refreshing drink money can buy
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    15/08/2012 Bulmers Original
    • 5.0
    — Refreshing, light & yummy
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  • Chatham Surburban Club

    1 miles
    21 Wyles Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 6HA
    Chatham Surburban Club

    Chatham Surburban Club in Chatham has a beer garden. The pub has a car park, it has disabled facilities. Chatham Surburban Club is a family friendly pub. The pub serves food, it has a function room that can be booked. Chatham Surburban Club has a smoking area. The pub has free WiFi, it has a dart board. Chatham Surburban Club has live music events. The pub has a pool table, it holds quiz nights. Chatham Surburban Club shows football on TV. The pub has terrestrial TV, it is a members club.

  • Warren Wood Social Club

    1.4 miles
    99b Warren Wood Road, Rochester, Kent, ME1 2XA
    Warren Wood Social Club

    A friendly welcoming members only club that has real ales on sale as well as a large selection of beers and ciders. We are open for new members and their children come in for free. Lovely gardens and wonderful atmosphere.

    20/06/2019 CAFE PLUS 2 — CAFE PLUS 2, A St Justus Church initiative, meets every Thursday morning from 10.30am - 12.30pm in the Lounge Bar at the club. All are welcome! Join us for tea, coffee, cake and biscuits in a relaxed environment where you can join in the games and activities or just pop in for a chat. There is no charge but donations are most welcome. Call Karen on 01634 811522 for more information. View event
    21/06/2019 Bingo! — Bingo night, run for the members by the members. Cash prizes for the line and full house winners. There is also a raffle consisting of a variety of prizes (meat, biscuits, cake etc.) Easter and Christmas spot prizes View event
    24/06/2019 Darts Night — This is a members organised darts night where you get a chance to show off your arrow throwing skills. Everyone is welcome but you must be over 16yrs to play. Come along and have a go, you might be the next budding Eric Bristow! View event
    16/02/2018 Foster's
    • 5.0
    — Well poured in a clean branded glass
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    24/08/2012 Bulmers No17
    • 4.0
    — Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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1 - 3 of 3 Results

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