Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Located minutes away from Central Station and the famous Diamond Strip, Jalou is Newcastle’s premium late night bar serving up an impressive selection of cocktails to the soundtrack of some of the cities most celebrated DJ’s, playing old school and new Hip Hop, Urban Dance Hall and R&B into the early hours.


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Nathaniel Koffie

7 months ago

I want to know what club this is . I am used to going out alone. I was surprised to be told I can’t enter the club because I was coming in as single person . I lived and worked in most cities in England and the mid-lands . This is the first weird thing to hear . The bounce was bold to tell me . It’s a new Policy. He called himself John Rowlings which I believe it’s not his name . But if this is a real policies , I will be glad to where this is sides with the UK business policies . I am not tempted to think there was more reasons to this beyond discrimination because I’m in the minority group . But if it’s the case , the this bouncer must not work at all in this club . Someone recommended this club to me since I’m new in Newcastle. But the experience will be boldly written .


10 months ago

The bouncers here are on a huge power trip, instantly rude when we arrived. Then later on they aggressively shoved my friend up the stairs whilst we were saying bye to each other. My friend is a big 6ft guy, so they must’ve used some force to get him to move as hard as he did. It was completely uncalled for as he was only making sure I was ok before he left to go home. I’m pretty sure using physical force is illegal from a bouncer any way. Another friend left to get a friend in an Uber safe, then when she asked to go back in she was told she had to go back in the huge queue. She’s a 21 year old girl, on her own. Bouncers are meant to look after the welfare of their patrons. Seems they couldn’t care less other than feeling a power trip shoving and saying no to people.

Brenda Rochester

10 months ago

Love Jalous but was very disappointed when visiting the Newcastle Bar for my regular cookie monster on Friday. Only halve an Oreo biscuit, spent 5 mins looking for the other halve, was gutted when realised it was not there. And the blue cream topping was not thick it sank before we moved from the bar, run down my glass and dripped all over my clothes. 😡 Well if it changes its name to the one eyed monster with only 1 chocolate button am done. Oops bet they never thought of that 😂

BamBams world

1 year ago

We went to this club for my stag, and for my first time in Newcastle this was one of the places to be. Friendly, great music, vibes and amazing atmosphere. The locals are very welcoming and know how to embrace the Londoners with style. Can’t wait to go back! 🕺🏽

Claire “Claireffa” Thackray

6 years ago

Whenever I come to Newcastle, this is somewhere I always enjoy going for a couple of cocktails before getting the train home! The cocktails here are out of this world and they taste divine! They’re literally some of the best cocktails that I’ve had, and I’ve had a few! They’re a nice change from your boring old cosmopolitan or strawberry daiquiri! My favourite is the marshmallow martini, where they use their own homemade marshmallow foam to mix in with the cocktail, topped off with a toasted at the bar marshmallow! Definitely exciting!

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623