Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Mr Crouch

5 months ago

Embarrassing place - Asked for a Guinness, they poured me a Guinness off “tap”, sat down and realised straight away that it tasted horrible. Went back and asked how many pints had been pulled off to be told it’s not draught and that it’s from a can!!! Said to them “ok no worries I’ll drink it and order something else next time”. Note: Bar staff didn’t offer to change it or even give me something else. Sat down again, had a few more sips and genuinely couldn’t drink it so went back and told them I can’t drink it and could they pull me a Forged Irish Stout instead. After lots of huffs and puffs and some jumped in wannabe manager wobbling his head, I asked for the manager who couldn’t have given any less of a damn that all I wanted was to change my drink… It’s NYE…I came in before 9pm with an open wallet to have a good time… This incompetent manager has cost them easily £500 tonight. Happy New Year!

Justin Patel

6 months ago

Was here for a blind date. Upbeat atmosphere 1st floor has 90s music depending on which dj is on. Rooftop deck has a good vibe. Bar staff make u feel welcome. Security staff can be bit forward as they were handsey with my date

Exhale Me

8 months ago

I've been here a couple of times once for cocktails and the second for a night out. Both times were lovely, they have a good choice of cocktails during the day which you can take up to the roof top and sip on. I'd also like to add that the architecture within the building is breathtaking and unexpected with loads of detail on the walls if you opt to climbs the stairs as opposed to taking the lift. If your looking for a decent night out I'd recommend visiting. It is a fiver for entry and there a three floors (including the roof top) which play a mix of different genres ranging from garage, rnb etc. There a decent selection of drinks which are reasonably priced and the vibes were nice.

Jagdeep Singh

11 months ago

One of the few rooftop bars in brum love it and great vibes on all floors depending on how loudly you wanna party!!

Toni Montana

1 year ago

A racist venue the doorman said "Sorry mate not tonight" I asked why not he said "Managers instructions" they let other white people in after me Very disappointed and definitely won't be going again Update Saturday 3rd June 9PM I tried again yesterday, It was 9pm i was dressed in smart Grey Zara shorts with matching grey top and jacket it was still daylight and was again refused entry to get into your club, this time your doorman on the right who refused me last time said to the other doorman "Are we letting in shorts" he was looking for an excuse, the other doorman said "sorry your dressed to casual", I noticed other people with shorts on in the club, I raised this and he replied they have been here since the afternoon. Discrimination in the first degree and very unsettling to know other people in shorts were inside. Please notice from the attached picture the guy inside the club dressed in white is wearing shorts. 100% proof I subsequently went to 3 other bars nearby and their were many people wearing shorts. It is Sumner you can't wear trousers on such a hot day. I would like a the name of the General Manager as I haven't had a satisfactory and timely response from yourself.  Find attached a picture of the doorman the one on the right appears to have a personal grudge and totally exhibited a totally unprofessional and unacceptable attitude driven by his ego. I mentioned I had written to you and will be following it up. He replied "that's fine do what you want" then asked me to move off the steps. At all times I was remained calm and respectful. I will seek legal advice (if necessary): I believe my rights have been violated as the refusal was discriminatory. I also haven't had a response from the Henman and Cooper management. Update 6th June 2023 I will be speaking to the operations manager today.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623