Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Nick Parkes

5 months ago

Food is excellent and reasonably priced and when it's warm and sunny the in/outside space is lively and attracts a keen people watching crowd until the sun dips behind the buildings opposite. It's a little cramped and sometime noisy inside but when they have live music on, the vibe is excellent.


6 months ago

I came here a lot with my folks for breakfast or hot drinks. The staff are always friendly toward us when we come in. But yesterday (13/12/2023) which I am not happy about. We sat patiently, waiting as we usually do for someone to come to the table to take our order. They were busy, and we sat waiting whilst we were talking. My Mum leaned forward on the seat she was on (a table near the bar with the stairs going up to the next floor behind) to get more comfortable. And was just happening to just be looking around as anyone would normally do. She just happened to look over at the bar where the guy with the tattoo on his arms was. She wasn't trying to get his attention whatsoever, but he thought that she was. He says, "I've seen you alright... I've only got two pairs of hands." Comes over to the table where my folks and I are sitting. The tone of his voice when he said "I can't grow any more arms." He may thought that he was saying that in a jokey way, but it didn't come across that way to us. That really upset my Mum with how he spoke to her like that when she wasn't trying to get his attention. Literally ordered three hot chocolates, had them. My Mum did not say much with how she felt and then paid and just walked out.

Marie Mason-Hall

6 months ago

Absolutely terrible. Me, my friend and her 6 week old baby decided to visit for lunch today (Wednesday). There were plenty of free tables and we decided on a spot in the corner by the Christmas tree and the bar with the pram tucked away at the side. A barman came over and asked us to fold down the pram and said they didn’t allow prams inside unless they were folded down. My friend explained that her baby was asleep and was 6 weeks old. The man went on to shrug his shoulders and stressed that we would have to fold the pram down as there wasn’t room. There was plenty of room, we were not obstructing an exit. He then asked us what we wanted to do. We both told him that we wouldn’t be folding the pram down and that we would be leaving immediately, his rule was totally ridiculous and downright rude. The level of discrimination shown against a new mum and her tiny baby is absolutely shameful. I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy, there are plenty of other cafes in the area that don’t discriminate against mothers and babies, please spend your money there instead.

András Fésüs

1 year ago

I have been walking past this place ever since it has opened but never ventured to enter the establishment. A friend of mine recommended it for our long overdue catch up. There is table service. The place has lots of seating inside and some are outside as well. I only had a latte but there is a lot of yummi sounding food on the menu, too. It was just not that sort of a meeting. The service was polite and efficient and the coffee was nice. Now, the only thing that is not my type are the people who frequent the place - equally I may not be their cup of tea either. But hey. I may return to try the food when the weather is nicer. I will post an update then. :-)

glo na

1 year ago

This cafe was ultimate experience from food to staff. Food11/10 Staff100/10 Aircon 0/10 :( (it was 35degree when I visited) Rick was just awesome. He was honest with his answers regarding the foodie questions, he was helpful, checked back at the right times, plates were cleaned off the table. Honestly Rick you should get the raise and employee of the month cause I observed you and you were consistently amazing with everyone. So thank you. The price is so reasonable and honestly the quality of the food and the service makes it worth while. I will definitely visit again.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623