Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Christina Lewis

8 months ago

Hello to the people wanting to look at reviews. I was a regular at the pub (very well known to other customers and staff members including the owner Tony dibbens). I thought it was only in the best interest to let fellow future customers know the truth about this pub/restaurant. To most it seems a lovely pub and very welcoming, most of the staff are lovely and so are the customers. The main issue with this pub is the bald headed pr*ck who runs the place. Me and many other customers have seen this man abuse staff and customers when drunk. The man is a raging alcoholic and has been telling us regulars that him losing 5+ staff members in the last month was due to him sacking them all due to financial reasons. But the truth is that they all quit on him because of his appalling behaviour by mentally and psychically abusing them. From what I gathered and looking back at other reviews something or someone needs to give way to let a new owner take place. All the bad reviews have truth behind them and are in no way an exaggeration of events that have occurred. I’ve also seen some Facebook posts recently about the Gibraltar gardens and Tony specifically that seem to be on the same wavelength as the rest of the google reviews and have mysteriously disappeared. I base this on Tony wanting to cover his tracks and I felt someone else needed to speak up about what is happening inside the pub and so here I am. I would advise anyone who would like to book and event here to look for another place to hire due to the ethical side of things. I’ve also witnessed the owner of Gibraltar gardens pouring house vodka(romanoff) into the Smirnoff vodka bottles whilst sat at the bar having a pint.

Wendy Long

9 months ago

We love this pub. It has the most amazing garden next to the river. Food is very reasonably priced with large portions. Staff very friendly and family run.

Leah Ransome

10 months ago

Great food by the chefs in the kitchen and cheap drinks but absolutely disgusting how their staff are being treated. Early afternoon today I came in and witnessed “what seems to be drunk landlord and owner” verbally abusing his staff. I think he really needs to think about his staff and how he is treating them before he loses every single member of the pub that helps to run that place.

Michaela Crane

1 year ago

Lovely pub, staff are all friendly and happy to go the extra mile for service. We went paddleboarding then stopped at the pub for food & drinks. Unfortunately due to allergies, once we queried with bar staff due to other things being cooked I could not eat anything on the menu, however they spoke to the chef who offered to make me something else. Really appreciated this, and it was nice to know they take allergies seriously. Meal was lovely. Thanks to the two bar staff, and the chef who helped us out that day!

Kiran Pandit

3 years ago

Loved the ambience here, I'm posting this review late, me and my work colleagues booked for one their pods on the first day of pubs reopening (12th Apr)it was quite a busy evening, but very well taken care of precautions. Each pods has a dedicated heater and fairy lights, unfortunately our lights in the pod had gone down, couldn't turn them on despite everyone's efforts haha! (Hope its been corrected by now) Lovely beers and Delicious food, I would definitely recommend The Gibraltar Rock Burger 🍔! Solid choice. Service was quite slow, but I understand it was due to the limited number of staff they had on their first day, handling the large crowd. Wish they had a special treatment for the people inside the pod (coz ppl pay extra for it, lol) But it was really sweet of the lady to come down to each table and talk to people! It was a nice gesture (I assume she's the owner of the pub) Overall experience was fantastic and it's a place that stays memorable!

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623