Time until beer gardens are open

Time until all pubs are back open

In 1843, an ambitious young man named William Sloane left Kilmarnock and set sail for a new life in America.

True to the American dream, he set up his own furnishings company which soon became the watchword for taste, style and sophistication in the US. He furnished a range of prominent homes, including The Waldorf Astoria and the White House.

Soon, W.J Sloane took over the famous Franklin Furniture Store on Fifth Avenue, thus cementing a transatlantic Scottish success story…one that we have paid homage to with our name Franklin & Sloane.

The Sloane company prided themselves on quality products and friendly service, and while our trades may differ, we couldn’t agree with their philosophy more.

A quality local Pub & Kitchen, we are really excited to meet the neighbours and to raise the bar in Kilmarnock for good quality food and drinks served with a genuine smile. We’re your new favourite spot for brunch and coffee, freshly prepared meals and of course, a great selection of beers and cocktails.