Four Thieves

51 Lavender Gardens, Wandsworth, London, SW11 1DJ

Did we mention we’ve got our own brewery? Yeah, probably we did. We’re pretty proud of the beer that comes out of it.

With our own onsite brewery producing up to 40 casks a week – 1440 pints – there’s a steady flow of craft ale at The Four Thieves. Laine Brewing’s London brewer, Nic Donald, will be using his highly regarded recipes for IPA, ESB, RPA and Porter - ales that are already loved at The Four Thieves’ sister brew pub The Aeronaut. In addition The Four Thieves has its own keg pale ale and our own brewery fresh lager – a Czech style pilsner that is served straight into the glass from the brewery tanks.

The passion for drinks doesn’t end with beer. As well as our own distillery making Four Thieves Gin, we house around 70 of the world’s best gins and a range of tonics that will allow for roughly 400 different gin and tonic options.