Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Frances Downes

5 months ago

Ok same as always .cocktails ok though .

2 steps from hell

6 months ago

Owner is a money-grabber..AVOID! door staff turn away customers at prejudice-level decisions based on clothing, bearing and general looks (i am a 40 year old male). Standard foreign-owner only interested in making a buck. i realised this after the door staff said "let me check with the owner if its ok for you to come in" (low and behold i was sober and courteous throughout) What was there to double check for? The owner looked me up and down and declined! Little did he realise tonight i wanted to gain entry with the intention to make a profitable proposition, either to outright buy or merge company names, considering i have been very well compensated from a previous brain injury, however i digress, it turns out the owner would rather dismiss by default and the door staff have that standard rude behaviour of the typical 'kid who was bullied at school and now has a sniff of authority and acts like the big boy in charge'. The staff attitude i have experienced makes this place a solid avoidance piece. You are better off nipping next door to Silk Road which in my honest opinion venue-wise is much more accommodating, friendly and visually appealing. I dont really review at such a negative level, however tonight really hit a sensitive nerve...your loss.

John Martin

10 months ago

Went to play some pool on a Tuesday night so probably not representative of what it'd be like on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday - depends what kind of night you're after, but for a leisurely game of pool on a Tuesday night it was perfect. The bar had a wide array of beers / largers and well stocked liquor. One thing I should point out is the kickboards on the sofa can absorb pool-balls. In a one-in-a-million fluke, I dropped the black ball while racking-up, and confidently let it roll along the floor thinking I'd be able to find it. Could I find it? No. Walked the length of the upstairs area, checked downstairs,to see if the ball had somehow made its way down the staircase. No luck. Then finally, I noticed the cushion on the sofa was a little off centre and lifted it up. Lo an behold, there was the 8-ball. It had it the kickboard and jumped inside the base of the sofa.

paul worrall

1 year ago

Best late night bar in Colchester. Always made to feel safe. The owner and his wife go out of both their ways to make you feel welcome. We will always make Fashion a part of our nights out.

The Online Driving Instructor

2 years ago

Wow!!! What a night! REALLY lovely clean place. Whilst we sitting at tables there was plenty of friendly staff checking we had everything we needed regularly which kept the drinks flowing. GREAT MUSIC & we played lots of pool. Then next morning we went back for breakfast - Aykut was lovely & made us feel at home. Highly recommended can’t wait to come back 😃

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623