Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Scarlette Pri2011

9 months ago

Hired this venue out for a party, lovely, would hire again, was allowed my own vendors and to do own food, very relaxed, no trouble for anything at all, everyone had a fantastic night, landlady does all the cleaning out, you don't find that in many places , drink prices cheaper than a pub, would recommend,

Florence Peacock

1 year ago

Awful for almost everyone involved. A friends phone was stolen, multiple people had their drinks spiked and one of the employees decided verbal aggression and physical assault was an appropriate form of customer service when there was absolutely no reason for it. Vile.

Karine Jeffers

1 year ago

I am deeply saddened by the last bad review and would like to explain why we are not a public toilet to Southgate playing fields there are so many people that Meet on the field barbecues tennis rounders skate park and cricket which are not a part of the club membership . The council do not open the public toilets on that area because of funding so why should I fund a public toilet within my club . In the past people have desecrated our toilets and disrespected our toilets of which we have to clean up the mess . I we as a club cannot discriminate between people whether they will disrespect our club or not . So therefore the rule is if you are a customer of the premises you may use the facilities . And this rule that we have within the club goes to everyone who is not part of our premises . If you have rented the field then you have rented the changing rooms with toilets so therefore you can use the facilities that you have rented from the council . The club is not part of that rental

Laura S

1 year ago

Hideous, humiliating experience, I left in tears. I am a sufferer of a bowel condition which means I often have to get to a toilet very urgently, without warning. I don’t need to explain the impact a condition like mine has on a persons life but it isn’t fun and we often rely on the compassion and kindness of strangers. Today I was at Southgate Park to watch my partner play cricket and look after a friend’s baby while he too, played cricket. I hadn’t been there long when I had to nip in and ask to use the toilet. I was met with an aggressive “no, I’m not a public toilet”. I said, “I realise that, I’m just asking because it’s urgent”, at this point I was visibly starting to panic as there can’t be many more embarrassing situations than the one I was about to be in. I let her know what my medical condition was and she just shrugged, repeating “I’m not a public toilet”. I’ve been in situations like this before and I will again, I’ve knocked on strangers doors and asked for their help, I’ve asked to use staff facilities, all sorts and never has anyone ever reacted so badly as this nasty woman at the Emerald Club. She was happy for a person to have an uncontrollable bowel movement in her doorway and not help them. What sort of a person does that? A kind member of the cricket club showed me round to the men’s changing rooms and waited outside while I sorted myself out. Later on, I heard that she had said to someone “it’s for customers only, buy something and you can use it.” Really? All that to sell a can of Pepsi? She could’ve just said that at the beginning. As a matter of fact, I always buy something before leaving when someone in retail or hospitality has helped me out. When in that state of panic she could’ve taken everything I own, I didn’t care. To the lady who I’m sure will read this, I hope you never find yourself in a situation like mine today, but if you do, please remember this.

Bernadette Castle

2 years ago

Wonderful little bar in the Park. Friendly / Family Oriented. Kids can play in open field. Bar Staff friendly and professional, and very approachable. Nice to see the Emerald Sports & Social Club come back to life. Play park for kids at back and skatepark for teens nearby. Crawley Council need to update play area for kids as it needs refurbished, This will bring more families in summer to have picnics and be able to relax while kids have fun.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623