“Serve with pride, warmth and professionalism and to provide unrivalled hospitality within Scotland”

At The Elphinstone Hotel our dedicated team are committed to the ideals and values of customer service. We at all times take pride in ourselves and in our ability and desire to serve our customers well. We take responsibility for our own actions and in doing so we create a positive environment for our team that work here, and also, very importantly for our customers.

We always remember that our customers have a choice but we feel here an obligation to make this choice a difficult one. Our customers will return time after time convinced there is no other reasonable choice that can be made, because at The Elphinstone our customers always receive a warm, friendly welcome, are attentively looked after, and the quality of the food is of a consistently high standard

We know that The Elphinstone has been at the centre of the Burgh of Biggar for centuries and that it has a place in the hearts of many Biggaronians and visitors alike. We are only “Custodians of The Elph” for a short time but we will all leave it enhanced for us having spent time there, upholding the reputation and tradition for warmth in greeting, and excellence in service that have stood for more than 300 years.