Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623

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Editor's Tap is London's craftiest Live Sport and Music venue. Our stylish, yet rustic pub has a warm atmosphere, eclectic mix of environments and interesting artwork.

We have a huge range of craft beers, cask ales, premium lagers and ciders but we also have a spirit emporium packed with gins, rum and tequila and we can’t forget our artisan cocktails and superb coffee!.


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2 months ago

We usually put some research into where we want to eat while traveling, but we tried this place because it's right near where we were staying and we were exhausted from a day out running around. This was a mistake. I bet it would be great to just grab a drink and watch a game, but the food and service left a lot to be desired. On the service side, there really isn't any. You have to either download an app to order to your table, or go to the bar with your table number and put it in with the tender. We chose the latter and someone did bring it out to us, and the order was correct. But if you need napkins or anything else that might not already be on the table, you have to get up and get it yourself (not a huge deal, just something to note). I would also add that because everyone in the bar is doing this, for every food and drink order, there is always a line to put something in, and I only saw two bartenders doing that, so you're gonna wait a bit before you get any food or drink unless you download that awful app. On the food side, to be fair, I will say we ordered two things that Britain is not known for, Nachos and Pizza. I eat a fair amount of both of these items, pretty much anywhere that offers them, as I like to compare styles and similarities across regions. We ordered the nachos with BBQ beef added. These nachos might be the worst I've ever had. I know this is gonna sound a bit pretentious, but there was uneven disbursement of the toppings, and what I believe was canned salsa (all on the right side), and pre-packaged guacamole (all on the left side). The "tortilla" chips were super thick and each one shaped almost perfectly, like they had been cooked in a mold. Also, there was barely any cheese on them at all, which I would argue is the main component of nachos. I am not trying to be mean, but if the owner/chef happens to read this, I sincerely encourage you to take this off the menu, or at least revise it completely. I can't imagine anyone eating this and thinking it was good. The pizza was alright, although the dough isn't quite what you would expect when ordering pizza, it still wasn't bad. It had a fair amount of toppings, that were again, not really disbursed around the surface area correctly. But this was an average pie all things considered. Perhaps we got the only poorly curated item on the menu. When looking at the pictures of other items, they do not look so pathetic. I won't be going back to try them though, and perhaps you shouldn't gamble either. I still maintain that this place would probably be great to just sit and drink while watching a game, you just can't eat nachos while doing it.

Nusynasy S

5 months ago

Nice little bar, I haven’t noticed that it exists although I walked by it so many times. Good location near Chancery Lane, but not over crowded like pubs near tube stations. Prices like everywhere. The onion ring is devine.

Glen Cattermole

5 months ago

Nice food and reasonable beer. On a Friday night the service was slow and the place was very noisy.

Sergio Alejandro González

6 months ago

Great place if you happen to be in London and need to have a drink. Very modern and spacious they held private parties since the place can easily accommodate more than 50 people. I was invited to such for the Costa Rican independence day and although service was scarce and not very responsive they finally delivered. It's not cheap.

Rahul Narvekar

6 months ago

Good place to watch premier league games. Lots of space and good service. Good service and good beers. Atmosphere was pretty decent too. Pretty sure I gets really busy on weekdays. But weekend is best time to be here.

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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623
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Orchard Pig 0623
Orchard Pig 0623