The Drapers Arms is an independent alehouse – and we hope we're providing a relaxed and sociable atmosphere, in a one room venue with a capacity for about 40 customers, to enjoy a couple of beers and a bit of chat. Now – and we know this will disappoint some people – we don't sell lager, Guinness®, beers with the word "smooth" in their name or any 'keg' beers; fizzy ciders, spirits or things like jagger bombs.

However, without a juke box, fruit machines, WiFi or television, we hope it will feel like you're just sitting in a good, old fashioned, traditional pub and, with conversation with other punters as the only form of entertainment, you'll also actually enjoy it. We do sell a few regular bar snacks but no hot food. However, you can pick up a pickled egg in a bag of crisps – known as Bristol's answer to Chicken & Chips.


  • Real ale