Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Keisha Paulson

6 months ago

Great value for drinks amazing double up deals. Food very affordable but tastes amazing. Came out fast and hot and was a really nice portion. Staff were friendly and attentive and really helpful.

Sean Evans

7 months ago

One of the saddest plates of food I've had in a while. I don't understand how someone making food could look at that plate and think it was okay to send out. I would suggest either a better portion of chips, a side of green (peas or salad) or even a smaller plate, so at least it doesn't look so disappointing.

M 89

8 months ago

The pub seemed fairly quiet today except for two large groups of people having dinner. I ordered via the app - which is new since I last visited and this was much easier for me than going to the bar to order. Food arrived promptly as ordered, portions were great and no issues with the food. Drinks however were forgotten and I had to remind a member of staff. I was disappointed that when the two large groups of people had left that their tables of dirty dishes were emptied onto the table next to where we were sat and were left there for a considerable amount of time before being cleared away. Maybe half an hour to 45 minutes. If it was extra busy then perhaps I could understand but it didn't appear to be - my apologies if there were other things going on that I was unaware of. We are regular visitors to this pub and so are used to the usual excellent service that we receive, so it was a shame for it to be different today especially since the owners didn't appear to be around. It will definitely not put us off visiting again and I will update my review accordingly.

Shona Ridd

8 months ago

Came in on 7/10/23, a quiet Saturday afternoon considering the rugby was on. Pub is dark and quiet. Ordered food with the hopes it would come in time for half time but ended up waiting 45 minutes for food (1 steak+ 1 kids meal). Ordered a medium steak but it was more very well done. Chips were cold, peas were hard/not cooked enough. The peppercorn sauce I paid extra for came with a hard film ontop and was a small amount. Cheesy garlic bread was soggy and wet underneath and cheese tasted off. Almost a mouldy taste. Whilst eating, I ordered 1 drink on the app. After the 22 minute mark, I went to the bar and asked where the drink was. Turned out the machine had run out of till roll so they hadn’t seen my order and made it there for me when I asked. We had no check back for the entirety of the meal so didn’t have the chance to “complain”. Witnessed a member of staff spill a bowl of chips over a customers lap and then just walk off back to the kitchen to get a new bowl, leaving the mess all over the table, floor+ customers lap. Playground is a trip hazard and fairly run down+dirty with dogs off the lead to run around playground and outdoor tables. Positives? Majority of the staff are friendly enough and pour a good pint. Great big screens for sports. Condiments are kept refrigerated which I appreciated but don’t think I’d return for food.

Jody Edwards

1 year ago

We stopped in for lunch and it was delicious!!! Super reasonable.. decent portions of quality cooked food!! Service was also amazing!! Will definitely be returning!!

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623