Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Shanella Ella

5 months ago

Love casa. Always a good vibe in the upstairs "urban lounge" which is wear they play the afrobeats/basement style music. Staff are all lovely and I've never had an issue with the bouncers even when I'm far too drunk and annoying. Definitely a go to place for a night out in stafford

Jemma Wilson

7 months ago

WARNING LONG STORY If I could give -100 stars I certainly would. My first time ever visiting in my 4 and a half years of living in Stafford and can honestly say I have never had such a terrible experience. Even if I wasn't barred for trying to stick up for myself and my personal rights, I would never return anyway. Wasn't actually too bad of a night until it became time to leave. The doormen are shocking I was treated with disrespect rudeness and hostility and then forcibly removed from the building when I tried to challenge this. No doorman or anyone should have the right to put his hands on another person. It's disgusting behaviour which actually triggered off a PTSD episode and completely retraumatised me. Bearing in mind I an a 5ft 3 petiteish young female and they were twice the size of me if not more. I requested thier SIA badge number which they point blank refused to provide several times. I was also completely dismissed by the call handler when i phoned 101 and a police officer I had tried to report the ASSAULT to. Did not even bother to check the CCTV and was basically treating me like the nuisance. Disgusting behaviour all round from both Casa staff and Staffordshire police. As I was on my way past the following night I decided to once again request the SIA number of both doormen involved so I could make a formal complaint to both Casa and the police. I was laughed at ridiculed and called mentally unhinged. I then had the police called on me like some kind of criminal At least the officers who attended actually appeared to take me seriously on this occasion and were fair empathetic and kind. I would like to say that Gary who is also a doorman there was absolutely fantastic with me. He even apologised for the behaviour of his colleagues despite him having no responsibility or role in the incident Top quality guy and will give him 100 stars and he deserves a raise in my opinion. Just for his excellent customer relations showing basic respect to another human. Staying away from this place is definitely the better option. I will be taking this further and making a report of ASSAULT to the local police

Ellie Phillips

7 months ago

Casa has changed and developed over the years but you are always guaranteed a good time! Staff are friendly and attentive whether you’re there just to have a laugh or to celebrate special occasions. The events they hold are an added bonus! A go to in Stafford

Hayley Gray

8 months ago

Awful experience - Me and my friend decided to go Casa last night as we were trying to get in my friend couldn’t hear what one of the bouncers were saying to her I overheard another bouncer say she can’t understand basic English don’t let her in she’s drunk , I told him she’s not drunk she can’t hear what the other bouncer is saying he just looked at me and ignored me , the bouncer continued to be rude to my friend and gave attitude , we tried to get his name off other bouncers but they would not give it to us and acted like they didn’t know him . A few minutes later they let some girls in for free that were drunk.

Gabby Tomkins

8 months ago

The woman bouncer is a miserable bag. Kicked us out before we even ordered our first drink cause my mate was apparently too drunk when we were both completely fine. Think she saw my mate having a laugh with a different bouncer and got jealous. There was less than 10 people in there. It was dead and the woman bouncer who was on last night had a right face on her. After a lil power trip cause her life is so boring. Don't bother going there it's not good and people like that make it not worth it.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623