Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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We like nice cocktails. We also like to throw some pretty good parties. Unique cocktails and the best DJ’s Nottingham has to offe


2 Bars, heated and covered dance garden, stunning cocktails, great selection of cuban cigars and premium spirits. Knowledgeable and friendly staff that can mix up some classic and custom drinks for you. Talking about mixing: the best House DJs this side of Ibiza. See you later?.

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Miriam Filová

6 months ago

Absolutely LOVE this place, there is no better music around in Nottingham. If you’re House lover then this is the right place for you the only minus is the space which is a little annoying, it’s not very spacious and it gets really full, but great vibes! Everybody is so happy whilst in there and I love the energy 🫶🏼

Joachim Wurtz

11 months ago

Poor management On my graduation night, I was knocked into a girl by my friendas there is uneven decking outside, this girl demanded I buy her a drink to which I said no as this wasn’t my fault. She proceeded to make a racist slur and mention she knew the bouncer. I ignored both of these things as I just wanted to get on with my night and didn’t phase me. Two minutes later she returns after speaking to the bouncer and hits me on the back of the head which took me by suprise. Then not long after the bouncer asks me to leave the venue. I spoke with the manager called Ethan, who was useless and said I’m not going to check the cctv as we close in 15 minutes which was was a lie, which led me to stand outside on my graduation night for 45 minutes when I had literally done nothing wrong. Even his employee (another bouncer) said she was continually changing her story. Now if the manager Ethan had been bothered to do his job correctly he would have realised that I had been verbally abused and assaulted, but me being a male and she being a female I doubt this was something he would take seriously as normally it’s the opposite. The ‘victims word’ is what is to believed, or some rubbish is what he said. With this mindset anyone can makeup stories to get people kicked out of venues as happened to me. Lazy, unaware management lets this place down. Respect to the one bouncer who had some common sense that day and i emplore this manager to re watch the cctv to realise his embarrassing mistake

Chris Hatfield

11 months ago

Really enjoy every time I go to Calluna. The DJs play great house music as well as it being a good place to sit and chat with people. The team that work with me are a fun group so is a great place to bring business partners and colleagues.

chelsea harkin

11 months ago

This bar wouldn’t let me and my friends in. They claimed we tried to skip the line though there was no distinction between us and other people who were also trying to enter. We were a group of 6 prepared to spend our money here but felt uncomfortable and left to Mojo Instead.


5 years ago

Came back to my home town for a few drinks. So happy we came in here. Beautiful decor, fab drinks based on mythical creatures, and great staff.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623