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Heverlee 0623

Epsom: What Do You Actually Want??

Published on 31/12/2022

Blenheim, Epsom, KT19

So it's NYE, we've put on a luxury buffet, prosecco reception, masquerade disco....not one person has turned up, none of the 20 pre-booked, no walk-ins, none of our so called "friends".

Over the past 3 years we've transformed the Blenheim from being a blight on the town - fights, drugs, deaths - all taking up emergency service's time and resources. We've made the pub a welcoming, inclusive of all environment.

Yes, we've had our ups and downs, what business doesn't? Add to that the fact that we suffered 2 years of COVID-19 induced business interruptions. Nevertheless, we've battled and pushed to carry on, giving Epsom a pub that all could enjoy. We've put on all of the following:

Bottomless Brunches
Drag Bottomless Brunches
Lunches and lunch offers
Coffee and Cake
Mum and Babies mornings
Family Fun Days
Major themed party nights throughout the year - Christmas Eve, Halloween, St.Patricks Day, NYE
Smaller Theme Nights - 80s, 90s
Drag Quizzes
Bingo nights
Games Nights
Table Tennis/Beer Pong
Animal meet and greets
Retro arcade gaming
Theatrical drinks - dry ice smoking cocktails and mocktails, aroma bubble cocktails and mocktails
Summer BBQs
Live Music - Solos, duos, trios and larger bands
Open Mic Nights
Comedy nights
Fine Dining evenings
World food nights with live entertainment
Gin Tastings
We even gave in and showed the World Cup fixtures!

We had even more exciting plans for the coming year with new food and drink offerings.

We understand that a lot of people are currently struggling with increased living costs. However we have been consistently unsupported by the community in our endeavours. So many people believed the Blenheim needed to change from what it was but where are they now? Supporting large, chain managed establishments in the town centre perhaps??

So, please Epsom, tell us what you actually want? Is it that the Epsom community truely wishes The Blenheim to revert to what it previously was??

Any rude, derogatory or negative comments will be instantly deleted so if that's your intention, please don't waste your time.

Other than the above, we wish you all a happy and healthy new year.


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Heverlee 0623
Heverlee 0623