Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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7 months ago

Boring pub, with overpriced drinks. The individual behind the bar was constantly on their phone and seemed too hate their job.

ade elliot

10 months ago

Service was very good as I had walked throu the pub was ready waiting to serve me & beer was very good.

Battery Garden Machinery

1 year ago

Used to be a quirky little boozer when the art college was open. Would bring the work lads for a pint after a days graft. Have been in once in the past year, stank of weed with Johnny carling stood at the bar nattering nonsense to the bar woman wearing his very best Adidas tracksuit, half ripped cigarette behind his ear.

Sandeep Singh

1 year ago

Had a racist encounter with Charlotte while passing across the road with several friends. After Asking friends in Al Karim's, they told me her name and she's the manager, has been for roughly 2-3 years. I read other reviews on several sites warning of her council attitude. I was admiring the contrast of gold on blue sign of the pub and she shouted "What you looking at, you people are not allowed in places like this". Disgusting looking girl, The reviews already across several sites fit the descriptions.

Alexander Sandy

1 year ago

Ah, this used to be a cracking little pub when I grew up in Stafford, how sad things change. Out of nostalgic curiosity I took some friends in for what was planned as a few beers until we saw the sorry state of the place. In such a heavily built up area it was dead. The bargirl looked fed up. Acted as if she wanted to close. Drinks were poured sloppy and with a kind of 'hurry up pay & go' attitude. She was in and out smoking and always most interested in her phone. We left.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623