Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623

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Samuel Martin

5 years ago

Went there to celebrate leaving before uni, got kicked out after 10mins for passing someone “their” drink which turned out to be the bouncers, who aren’t allowed to drink whilst working, and wouldn’t get let back in to find my Id, which having been inside for a night is probably now gone. Whilst inside it was dirty and playing very unfavourable music for a night out.

Maureen Bennett

6 years ago

Very very disappointing. We paid for two booths which was not cheap so thought it would be ok but how wrong. The mould on the cloth on the wall was disgusting and the whole place was very smelly. The tumblers and glasses given to us to drink our bottles of fizz were very dirty, some had lipstick on. Within an our of opening they ran out of ice !!!! I must say that our Hen enjoyed the dancing that's why I have given 1 star but would not recommend anyone to go there.

Rupert Oscroft

6 years ago

One of the better nights out in the town, a friendly atmosphere with some good student nights for classic music and much better value for money on entry and drinks than Bridge opposite. Toilets are rather rubbish and the only let-down.

Jack N

8 years ago

I love this place because of the memories I have there, but it's pretty gross in actuality. The venue is underground and the walls are stone. They tend to get moist by the end of the night with all the sweat of the patrons (gross). Drinks used to be fairly priced, but in recent visits, they seem to have sky-rocketed somewhat. Music is standard, but they hold weekly rock nights, as well as retro and cheese nights. There is a karaoke room in the back and quieter areas with seating for those who prefer to sit and chill than dance all the time. Not the prettiest of clubs in Bath, but one that you can have a lot of fun at. Doesn't feel overly posh and make you think you're ugly (I'm looking at you, Second Bridge).

Sydney Greyson

9 years ago

You have to pay 4 pounds to get in and then the floor and walls and bathroom stalls are all sticky, wet, and gross. I slipped several times trying to dance and I wasn't even drunk. I leaned on the wall and my jeans and back got all wet and sticky. If you charge admission, try to keep the place decently clean. People just go to Opa or something because it's free and its clean. I will give them this though, the music was good. They have good taste in music. That is the only good thing.

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623