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Thank you

Published on 01/12/2022

Alma, Sidcup, DA14

Dear all,

As some of you are aware we have been closing earlier of late on a Sunday to Wednesday, this is due to literally no one being in the pub, or those few that are in the pub are finishing up. You only have to look at the streets past 9pm, it’s a ghost town out there.

Unfortunately it is also not financially viable for us to stay open with staff costs, heating and electric etc for a couple of people, we are sure that you can all understand and appreciate this as surely you’re all trying to save the ever increasing costs at home too.

As much as the media is scaring everyone with the ‘cost of living crisis’ which we are sure many of us will agree this is not seen when out on the roads etc our industry is being hit the hardest all over again and has been for some months now.

We as a business needed to be able to save costs every which way we could to keep our business and your social environment alive and kicking, unfortunately this meant us having to close earlier to save money, same as literally every other business in the UK, as we have done this it now means that for the next month we will be closing at our normal times, which means we won’t be closing any earlier and in turn, everyone can enjoy the festive period with us.

Of course a big thank you to each and every one of you who have been and are still supporting us at this very unsettling time.

Now it is the party month of December we will be open until our advertised times of 10pm on Sundays, 11pm Mondays to Thursdays and midnight Fridays and Saturdays, but of course this only works with your continued support.

We do look forward to welcoming you in to our pub which is of course the soul of Sidcup. Merry Christmas to you all from both of us and all of our staff, Ronnie & Mat 🎄

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Menabrea 0623
Menabrea 0623