Monday was all about the quiz ;)

Published on 27/05/2021

Alma, Sidcup, DA14

Monday night was all about Mat’s Old School Fun Pub Quiz 🤩🤩🤩

We started off with the best team name winning a goodie bag with a mini box of cereal, nuts, nuts abs more nuts and this went to Little Knobs & Big Knockers😆

It then went Geography and Bingo…..with Royaume Uni Nil Points getting the first line with 23 balls, joint 2 lines between We Thought This Was Speed Dating and Chuck Your Keys In with This Was Speed Dating then winning with the full house! Rob did the shots 🤩

After the break we played knobs and knockers which team Royaume Uni Nil Point won and a jar of sweets 😂 then it was Natural World and then some riddles, everyone who got it right donated their shots to poor Rob 😆😆and then the new version of Play Your Cards Right, higher than a boob job, lower than a worms tit, so the first two contestants didn’t get through the cards and lost out to the pot of £33, £5 was given to the charity Dementia Society, this has now rolled over to next week🤩

Then it was a little bit of Rock Paper Scissors and then to end the quiz was the lovely music round 🎶 🎼 🎵

The winners were:

7th place, The Mark Less 2 Ready To Go and won the empty spice rack 🤩
6th place, Should Of Been 6 🤩
5th place, joint between Quizzard Of Oz & And In Last Place 🤩
4th place, Little Knobs and Big Knockers 🤩
3rd place, Chuck Your Keys In and won 2 packets of crisps 🤩🤩🤩
2nd place, Royaume Uni Nil Points and won a sexy
Glass of tap water 🤩🤩
1st place, Last weeks losers are this weeks winners…..We Thought This Was Speed Dating and won a USB fan 🤣😂🤩

Next Monday, as it’s bank holiday, the quiz will start at 7pm with the tables being ready from 6:30pm, tables must be booked by sending us a message on here or via our website.

Fee is £2 a person to play with lots of amazing prizes to be won and of course lots of fun to had by all.

Look forward to seeing you all again next week.

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